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Oh my friends- those who know me in "real life" ,know that I am an 80s junkie with no hope for any kind of intervention to bring me to present day.I am so damn stuck , or as my blog and FB page is so aptly named- "Horror-fying Blog Lost in the 80s aka Lost in the 80s". I live and breathe 80s.Film and music.Ask my coworkers about my knowledge on 80s music- they always holler for me when they need a music questions answered! Well-with that all being said- I had never had the honor of seeing the Furs play in concert- not since thier beginnings way back in 1977 (when I was a wee lad of 10 years old). I have been a fan since I saw the Furs on Fridays or maybe Solid Gold or some show that was on back in the day. Same show that had Culture Club (when I thought that the lead singer was an "odd looking woman who was stangely attractive" , boy was I surprised!) and had Devo , Thompson Twins and the Furs. I remember this guy, tall,skinny and moved quite strangley on stage singing the words 'Love My Way" with this 'eeire" keyboards and guitar like I hadnt ever heard before. I was hooked and I hunted for thier music-and discovered they had 4 cassettes / albums out at the time . I hunted and hunted- and I FOUND THEM- AND I BOUGHT THEM!!!!! I was still a major Devo , Cars, and Adam Ant junkie- and the Seagulls werent far behind,but this nes discovery was grabbing at my heart strings. Well that was then- this is now- my little brief step into reality of NOW while visiting my favorite place called the Past (more exact- the 80s)-while sitting down and waiting for this band- that mesmerized me with quirky music to finally step on a stage I was sitting in front of- the one and only PSYCHEDELIC FURS .

I am not very good and the finer points of reviews on cds or live shows- so let me tell you my wonderful expeierence from a fanboys night out!

Well lets just say- Richard Butler , Tim Butler , Mars Williams , Amanda Kramer and Richard Good were amazing. Richard was so Bowie like in his stature and movements in stage . He hit the notes in perfect form- and had that dark senseibility about him . Mars- well he rocked the sax ,he is awesome sax player, Tim-the forever hidden man (behind the sunglasses) was in his own world of music playing that wonderful bass, Richard Good-well, his thrashing on the drums was effortless ,so natural,and this gal,Amanda Kramer (remember her??? You dont ?? My god and you claim 80s love- she was the hottie from Information Society)- playing those keys like she was playing Furs tunes since 77.
( I know photo is sideways but its a cool photo!!!)

They played all the big hits minus a few that would have been great to hear! They started at about 9PM and played straight through until about 1040PM and never took break , never took a moment to "chew the fat" with the audience- but kept playing one after another -hit after hit- fan fav after fan fav!

The setlist for the show was as follows-
Into You Like Train
Alice's House
Pretty in Pink
Only You and I
Imitation of Christ
It Goes On
Ghost in You
Like a Stranger
My Time
Highwire Days
Love My Way
Heartbreak Beat
President Gas
Forever Now

I was majorly amazed at this show- the way all the instruments blended together for that chaotic sound and then the vocals thrown in- that made it beautiful- I will be first in line to see those boys (and girl) play again! It was loud without it seeming like they were out to blast the doors off the blast- it was perfect in about all aspects! Oh yes- I did read that the Furs said they dont have a date yet but they say " a new album is definitely in they cards" - now THAT is music to my ears also~~~

For those who dont know the discography of the Furs- here you go-
1979- Psychedelic Furs (debut)
1981- Talk Talk Talk
1982- Forever Now
1984- Mirror Moves
1987- Midnight to Midnight
1989-Book of Days
1991- World Outside
Radio One Sessions
Beautiful Chaos - Greatest Hits Live
All of This and Nothing
Here Came the Psychedelic Furs- B Sides and Lost Grooves
Should God Forget -A Retrospective
Greatest Hits
Super Hits

Videos - All of This and Nothing and Live from the House of Blues

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