Monday, April 16, 2012


Oh my friends , I been thinking of this a lot today and wanted to share it here also! I am very thankful for all my friends here on FB ,Twitter and on my blog ! I am lucky to have such a diverse group of friends, I ahve folks who believe way different then I ever would,I have right and left wing religious folks, I have horror fanatics, and I have those who hate horror with a passion. Everyone of you bring something to the table- a different perspective a challenge to my thoughts and opinions- I am lucky for that ! I have quirky friends and run of the mill everyday folks- all are important to me! I have met some of the most amazing folks- ones that will always be dear to my heart ,ones that to me,the only thing that keeps them from being REALfamily- is that crazy nonblood issue!People that have been with me since day one and always encourage and inspire me.I have to to say this though- there is ONE who is my best friend, ONE who is my pride and joy ,ONE who is the reason I wake up,ONE who makes it all worth while ,ONE who supports me and my wierd horror stuff endeavors-there is ONE who is glad I have found some awesome folks to share this wuirk with,thier is ONE who is plain and simple - my EVERYTHING - that is my awesome wife Belle ! She hates horror- but she supports the fact I love it- she hates metal music- but supports fact I love it- she loves Bones as I do loves Eureka as I do - but most importantly- she is a wonderful friend , wife and mother! I am one helluva lucky dude! I think its important to let those around you know what they mean to you- and yes ,it IS possible to be Mr Horror as well as Mr Sentimenatal ! It is possible to love horror and love the beauty around you- the world , the people (even though they piss me off a lot), to bring in this strange new cyber frontier that CAN make strong bonds between people- I have a few that I will always stand behind no matter what (and you know who you are!!) - I know none of this would NOT be possible if it wasnt for my Belle- always stands by me- encourages me (even if she doesnt understand my wierd fascination with horror , and screamy guitars )- I am , for lack of better words, very BLESSED!!! I love youo Belle Ginder- thank you for all that you are- all that you will become- and for the love you show and give to me and the family! This my friends- is what life is all about-

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