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Tara Cardinal


JG - Not to be too personal- but leaving home at 16 and working 3 jobs- that must have been very difficult- what do you feel is or are the best lessons you learned growing up ?

TC -Nah - working is what I'm good at. I learned how to be focused, make ends meet, save up. It was a good experience. I felt it was necessary at the time. I had so much going on, and I needed to get out of the small town I was living in.

JG -Now you have had some interesting work , dancer and a wrestler , modeling for comic book characters, acting, and even an advocate for children. I find this awesome- quite well rounded and also a heart for helping others. Go as deep as you want- but tell me about these experiences a bit. I see a connection between you as a child working at such a young age and being an advocate for childrens rights and also with C.L.U.B. .

TC -Oh gosh - I was never a dancer - you can ask anyone - I can't dance to SAVE my life. I'm the world's WORST dancer. The only thing I do worse than dancing is signing!

All of the above came as a natural by-product of my acting career. I'm a method actor (which can be a huge pain the ass), but the wrestling came out of doing stunts which I was training for Red Reaper. And of course with Red Reaper being such an obvious "comic book movie" that just came out of that.

JG - Now- I have to ask- how did you get into wrestling? Were you a fan anyways or did an opportunity arise that you grabbed and went for it?

TC -It was completely by accident. I was at a casting for something else when I caught the eye of former WOW wrestler Bronco Billie. She liked my look, called me in for an audition for her company, and hired me on the spot. I worked and trained with her up until about 18 months ago when I decided to focus solely on my acting. The wrestling was getting to big. I got flown out to Hawaii to do shows, I was getting booked for work in the midwest - it was taking me out of LA. I never meant for it to get as "big" as it did.

JG - I have some questions I ask everyone- so –its your turn now- Do you have a favorite movie? Horror movie? Every Warrior Princess has to have a favorite!! Any director or actor you would die to work with???

TC -I loved the Princess Bride. That's an all time favorite! As for a horror movie, I really liked Insidious. I've always been a fan of Patrick Wilson's (or at least I was when I saw Phantom of the Opera). There are a lot of directors and actors I'd DIE to work with. Of course Jos Whedon and James Cameron top the charts. Ron Howard is another. I recently got to work with Clint Howard - and that was a dream come true. I'd like to do an action film with Ho-Sung Pak and Don the Dragon. I've shot a few scenes with Don in the "Liberator" pilot we did last summer, but we didn't get to fight. He thinks it's funny that I want to do an action scene with him.

JG- If you had the chance to be in a remake of a horror movie- one that would pay homage and proper respect to the original- what would you hope that film would be?

TC -Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Ok.. so it might not be your hard core horror - but it's my dream role. I wouldn't do it without Joss though. That would be a deal breaker.

JG- I sense you have a spirit for adventure- if you could go anywhere in this world- non English speaking country- and live for a year and absorb the culture- what country would you love to go to and why??

TC -Africa. I'd love to go live with a small African tribe, live off the land, become one with nature, learn to speak in clicking noises. It seems so much easier, simpler - more real.

JG -Books- are you a reader? What are you reading at present?

TC -Oh you caught me - you know for the past few years I've been so busy filming I've not had time to pick up a book. Scripts, texts books (just graduated university!!!!! - well not JUST. It seems like yesterday) yes, but no actual fiction books. So, here's my guilty secret - I've read every single one of the Twilight novels and now have started on Harry Potter (I'm on book 2). I'll be honest, I didn't get the Twilight movies until I read the novels. Now I get it.

JG -Music- what is your favorite kind of music?? What would I find on your Ipod if I snagged it?

TC -You know, my music, like my wardrobe, is totally dependent on what I'm doing. When I write, I love classical or symphonic music (never with lyrics). When I'm at the gym I like something a little harder with a beat. When I'm just puttering around the house - cooking, cleaning, organizing said wardrobe - a little pop or R&B.

JG - Any guilty pleasures??? Love asking this one!!! Secret Loverboy fan (I am!!)- or maybe a lifetime movie junkie??

TC -I already admitted to the Princess Bride and the Twilight novels. I do own the ENTIRE boxed set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and will occasionally re-watch certain episodes.

JG - The most important one yet- pancakes or French toast? What’s your favorite?? Choice of syrup??

TC -Not on my diet until June :(. I'm working out hard core to get in top shape for Zombie Massacre. (Butter pecan syrup!)

JG -This is the fun part for you hehehe--- guiltless self-promotion- run with it- tell us what your working on ! Do you have future plans to go to any conventions?? Film Festivals??

TC -Blah - not my thing. I know, I know. All my friends get cast in a film and post it on facebook. I don't *usually* post about anything until the contracts are signed and we've begun (or sometimes wrapped) production. These things fall a part so easily. I don't want to jinx it.

So - Zombie Massacre is a go - I'm off to Italy in a few months to shoot my role as the bad ass who takes out zombies with my SWAT team. I'm in talks for some other stuff, but I'd rather not saying anything until the contracts are signed at least :)

I just completed "Basement" with Clint Howard, Caroline Williams and directed by Uwe Boll. It's based on a true story of a woman who was kidnapped by her father and kept in the basement for 24 years. I play the daughter (Clint and Caroline are my parents), and there is a fairly intense rape scene.
"Liberator" the pilot I shot with Lou Ferrigno, Ed Asner, Peta Wilson, Michael Dorn and Don the Dragon Wilson should be out later this year.
Song of the Shattered should be out soon as well.
Red Reaper will be out at the end of this year/ beginning of next. Post production is very involved, and there's a village working on it.

And there you go :)
It's been great chatting with you John!

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