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JG- How did you develop this love for the horror genre? Was there a film in your past that grabbed you ? What made it so impactful for you??

VDM -The horror/sci fi/thriller/action & fantasy adventure were always my favorite films as a kid.  'Jaws', 'The Exorcist', & the original 'Friday the 13th' & 'Halloween' impacted me the most.

JG- What is your favorite horror movie (old and or new) ? Heck- any other film you love that inspires youo to keep acting ?

VDM -My favorite horror films are 'Werewolf In A Women's Prison & 'Killjoy 3'.  Other films that inspire me are 'Natural Born Killers', 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' & 'The Fighter'.

JG - If you were asked to be in a remake of a classic horror- one that would be respectful to the original , the type that would make fans happy and feel good about the film, what movie would you like to do?

VDM-Ridley Scott's original sci fi/horror 'Alien' playing "Ripley".

JG-. You had quite the intro to acting in the movie world-Roger Cormans Slaughter Studio ! What was it like to work with such an iconic director??

VDM -It was very amazing & very educational.  I worked on the last film he shot at his legendary Venice Studios.  It made me feel like a part of history.

JG- What kind of film would you love to do ,not horror in any way shape or form and why ?

VDM -I am in development with John Lechago on a spin off from the 'Killjoy' series called "Batty Boop".  To star in my own character, action/fantasy adventure film series would be a dream come true.  All thanks to John Lechago.

JG- Now you have earned the title of "Hollywoods Hottiest Scream Queen " – so do you feel that adds pressure to you as an artist ?

VDM-No, it doesn't.  It was an honor when the Media began to refer to me as such so many years ago & continue to do so, & I will cherish that title for the rest of my career.

JG- Are you a reader and if so , what is your favorite book and author?

VDM -Yes, I read.  I love stories, that is why I am an actor.  My favorite book is Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin.

JG- Now ,fun stuff, if I were to snag your IPOD - what music would be on it right now ???

VDM -Victoria De Mare, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Patsy Cline, Karen Carpenter, Led Zepplin, Chris Isaaks, Audioslave, Disturbed, George Michael,  Janis Joplin, Orchid AutoMaton featuring Victoria De Mare, Marilyn Monroe, & Fleetwood Mac just to name the ones off the top of my head.

JG- Any guilty pleasures? Music (secret Loverboy fan) , Movie ( love Somewhere in Time perhaps?), maybe a Harlequin Romance (you know, the kind with Fabio on the cover ? Hehehe)

VDM -My guilty pleasures are watching Gary Oldman's unparalleled brilliance in his work & drinking a glass of my favorite champagne watching the sunrise from the cliffs of the beaches on the Central Californian coast listening to Bob Marley tunes.

JG- If there was one thing that you could say challenged you in respect to your life being changed or challenged by your writing, or acting, what would it be ? ( if you care to share!)

VDM -Enduring the tragic untimely death of the great David Carr & not falling lost into a black hole of hell & continuing to write the best music of my life debuting on my new album slated for a summer release this year was most certainly my greatest challenge in my life that changed my career thus far.

JG- You have been in a ton of films- Killjoy 3 , Slaughter Studios , Werewolf in a Womens Prison – and geez the list goes on and on ! Without discrediting any other films of course- what was your favorite to do in your long resume? Was there a film that challenged you more then others and how did it challenge you ?

VDM -I have worked on over 65 film & television roles thus far in my career not including the 20 more productions I've worked on this year so far alone, so it is really hard to say.  But, the favorites that jump out are really 'Werewolf In A Women's Prison', 'Bio Slime', 'Killjoy 3', "Loving Gram Parsons", 'The Video Diary', & 'Death To Reality TV'.  The insanity of the characters & the intense sometimes 5 hours of make up application were the most challenging aspects of those productions.

JG -I have not even touched on your modeling or singing – but please do tell- anything- how would we hear your music ? Where would we see your modeling stuff? Inquiring minds wanna know!!! Okay- I wanna know!! (

VDM -My new debut self-titled album, Victoria De Mare, is currently playing on 11 different shows on 8 different stations FM & Internet currently, so if you want to hear the new hits, just follow my Blog at or my Wall on my Musician/Band page on Facebook or the News page on my website for stations, showtimes, etc. or follow me on Twitter.  If you miss any live, you can download or stream the archived shows for free later at your leisure.  The album is slated for a summer release digitally & in stores, so vinyl collectors, stay tuned!     ---- here is the link to her debut music video Worlds on Fire -- check this stuff out- she rocks- a gal who sings and acts- and hot!! Doesnt get much better then that!
As far as my modeling career goes, I have mostly been shooting album covers for BSX Records, women's military & combat wear for K & K Apparel, as well as stockings & lingerie for & pin up spreads for  Xplicit Pin-Ups Magazine.
Now- guiltless self promotion ,spill it all- new projects- conventions (Horrorhound of course)? Anything- anything at all!
I am currently in production starring in the horror/comedy 'Lesbian Zombies From Outerspace'.  I just wrapped on a pilot for a new USA Network series called "Graceland".  I am appearing as journalist/novelist Nic Brown's guest at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas May 3rd-6th.  As well as completing post-production on my current album & progressing with radio promotion around the globe, I am rehearsing for my upcoming Victoria De Mare Tour, which kicks off in Los Angeles, CA. late summer.  At the same time, I am prepping for a bigger, better "Batty Boop" in 'Killjoy 4' slated for a late May production start date, so get ready to see her kick some "Batty Fu" ass this time around!

Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook,, & my official website

And, thank you from the bottom of my heart, John, for the opportunity to participate in this awesome interview!  All my best to you, always. :)

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