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Okay , everyone- I must thank two most amazing gals for their inspiration and encouragement to leave the safety of the "nonwritng John" to the "writing John". Two folks , sisters , to be more precise, TWINS, really inspired me to do writing,I have always felt like I sucked as a writer,all through growing up never did very well at writing essays etc, nor giving speeches! These two gals ,followed their dream,and made it happen and are living their dream,they are so humble and so appreciative of their fans and friends! I was a fan first, then become friend, now, damn it- wow- I am now a "nonblood family", I am listed as brother on their Facebook- and that makes me so happy! Why??? Because of their encouragement ,their inspiration to get out of my own safety zone and get the hell on with my dreams! Now- who the hell are these Twins???? They are the one , well Two, and only Jen and Sylvia Soska! They have been so good to me as a person, they are so sweet, kind m humble,and edifying to me- and because of them,I gave writing a shot. Am I good? Maybe! I have a ways to go to be good in my eyes, but I found the courage to go with it and learn as I go. The confidence to go through the mistakes, and the hopeful good writing, and breath the sigh of "I DID IT"- I am forever indebted to Jen and Sylvia. They are forewarned that the Day of Our Greet Meeting- the hug they will each get would make a bear feel weak and they may end up in a body cast, because, they are truly what a FRIEND should be- what SISTERS should be! I love you girls- and I am so grateful for you two and I have no words to say that even comes close to the appreciation I have for you two, for your encouragement! Now the cloud sitting part- what did I mean by that? I hope they are both sitting on Cloud #9 and higher, because they deserve it! Their success thus far is amazing- and I am so glad to be apart of it. I can begin to say how happy I am for you two! Thanks you two- thank from the bottom of my heart for everything you have said ,did and told me about being the best and not to be afraid to step outside my own personal insecurities and fears- and just DO IT!!!!! You two f'ing amaze me- and I feel on top of the world knowing I am doing it- good or bad- doesn't matter- I am DOING IT!!! Thank you thank you thank you! You two are radcore to the extreme~~~
Your fan, friend, and family forever-

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I have to give a shout out to Todd Card author of Hell Cometh- he just rocks! Just went to his book signing at MudSock Books in Fishers Indiana-( like page - he is awesome! I loved my interview with him at Days of the Dead- my VERY FIRST INTERVIEW EVER- actually it was more like a discussion ! Well this follow suite- talked everything from our kids,Conan (and NOT Conan O'Brien), pros and cons on interviews, life in general, and the awesome cakes his daughter designs! The owner of Mudsocks ,Cindy, was an awesome pleasant and kind as can be host! Thank you for having Todd there, for what turned out to be her first horror novel book signing! So Todd- you gave me first ever interview,and Cindys first ever book signing of a horror author! You guys- you have to check out his book- a personal story, gorey, and ZOMBIES- you must read it for yourself! (Amazon has it- hint hint- it is NOT on digital format- it is an actual BOOK- the way books are meant to be!
Thank you Todd for making a wonderful afternoon for me- and thank you Cindy for opening your shop up for him and for me to come in and chat away with Todd!

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Julie Anne

JG- What was the first thing that got you hooked into the acting world
> ? Why did you choose to do that over dancing ? Do you do dance still ?

Julie- I started out doing alternative modeling, and once I turned 18
> I got into working as a spokesmodel for Troma studios at the Orlando
> horror conventions. I was drawn to pursuing acting, but had no formal
> training. I eventually got up the nerve to audition, and ended up
> getting the lead in a feature called Teen Zombies in Love, and also a
> supporting in a short that is part of the anthology Slices. You can
> actually buy Slices online, and also view it on netflix. I prefer
> acting because I have full range of creative expression and
> performance. I love to dance, but I don't do it professionally. Once I
> started acting I never stopped, and I don't plan on stopping anytime
> soon.
JG-What kind of films would you love to do besides horror films? What
> would be your dream role ? Any stars you would die to act with or any
> director that would make your acting career complete?

Julie- Action, I love stunt work, fight training, anything with
> weapons. Anything that keeps me active, and where I can learn a skill,
> and feel like I truly worked my body out as well as my mind. My dream
> role is just something that involves all of the above, something
> strong, and of course twisted. Any director that believes in what they
> do, has an honest talent, and who will be supportive and admirable in
> the process!
JG- What projects are you working on at present ? Any plans on
> conventions or films in near future ?
Julie- I have a handful that are coming out this fall. As Night Falls
> starring Debbie Rochon, Raine Brown, Deneen Melody. Zellwood starring
> Playboys Sara Jean Underwood. No Strings 2 Starring Penthouse Pet Anju
> McIntyre, Damien Collettii, Max Wasa. Another episode of Dr.G: Medical
> Examiner airing in September.
> I have a film i'm working on for the SyFy channel which will air
> around Halloween, a HUGELY AMAZING project called Dead Buzz, some
> really amazing work out in Chicago which I can't share yet. I have
> work on a couple projects in October and November, along with a film
> by Joe Hollow, which will feature just outstanding cast members from
> all ends of the horror community.
> As far as conventions I have one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then Spooky
> Empire in Orlando, Rock and Shock, HorrorHound. I have three others to
> confirm with, but that's what is set in stone right now.
JG- What would you do- if you could not do any more acting?
Julie- I will be going back to school to continue my Crime Scene
> Technician certification, and then on to a degree in the same field. I
> won't be slowing down my acting though!

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JG -What did get you the start in wanting to do film ?

MM-I've always been a huge cinephile; when most people my age would go out and play, I was known to prefer spending long summer days in the comfort of a movie theatre or a basement watching any movie I could get my hands on! I also really loved reading and started writing stories when I was about 9. So, in a way, filmmaking is the perfect combination of these two passions!

JG-What grabbed you about horror?

MM-I don't really know; I feel horror has always been part of my life... When I was a kid, I would always choose macabre or horrific entertainment, such as the Point Horror book or the Are You Afraid of the Dark tv series. Something about it made it feel like 'getting home', which is something I never felt with any other kid-oriented entertainment. When I finally saw my first horror film, I was hooked and have never questioned that love for the genre!

JG-what in the genre- did you see or feel , or sense- that grabbed you so deeply- to do Bloody Breasts? Why that issue- and why now ? :-)

MM-All my life I've had people question my career-choice and my interest for horror. I learned to deal with it and answer in a way that makes sense to an outsider. Then, I started studying film and media studies, reading a lot of academic texts and having to academically defend my work, which I thought would be fairly easy until I had to answer to comments from classmates saying that I was the embodiement of everything that was wrong with women today. Ouch. That was a tough one to swallow, especially since their judgement was mostly based on the misunderstanding that a woman could enjoy watching a horror film. I like to think of myself as a egalitarian and I never felt that wanting to work as a woman in horror was diminishing in any way. But I must admit that, at first, I wondered if I was wrong and started seeking fellow women horror filmmakers. I was so amazed by the great women I met locally and virtually that it became obvious that I had to get this project started, so that collectively we could speak up and say 'it's enough' to all these gendered, pre-conceived notions.
As for timing, it couldn't be better as halfway through the shooting, the first Women in Horror month happened, which just made the timing even better!

Whew! I almost wrote a novel! ;P I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me anything else you want to ask or need to know! I'll reply faster, I promise!

THANK YOU for doing this and supporting me, my project and all the wonderful women involved. It really means a lot!



A HORROR-FYING BLOG: DAYS OF THE DEAD INDY 2011 REVIEW: Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2011 July 1-3 Wyndham West By : From Dusk til Con Guests- Ace Frehley , Bill Mosley , Zoe Bell , Ginger Ly...




Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2011
July 1-3 Wyndham West
By : From Dusk til Con

Guests- Ace Frehley , Bill Mosley , Zoe Bell , Ginger Lynn Allen , Derek Mears , Alex Vincent , John Bechler , Julie Anne , Kaylee Williams , Ohgr (Skinny Puppy) , Heather Langenkamp , Amanda Wyss , Ashley Williams (Human Centipede) , Amy Lynn Best , “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and many ,many more .

First off- all I can say is this, this was awesome! Second- do not expect timeline of events to be correct, too much to remember (no, not from too much drinking -lol ). Secondly , it rocked!!

I got to the Wyndham on this damn hot day in Indy , above average temps outside and could not wait to get into the air conditioning. It was just so awesome to be there . I honestly do not know where to begin. It was by no means perfect- but it was great, and I believe that it will only get better . I have to offer kudos to From Dusk til Con family- they did wonderful and the Wyndham was a great place for it.

Well there I was, a kid in a candy store. DVDs , stars , friends , Facebook friends , friendly strangers that turned into friends. Honestly this is what this is about- a common place to go, with common interest and meet new folks (stars , directors ,artists , vendors, and everyday folks like me) and go home with a larger family. That is what I did- and that is what I felt. Okay enough of the “feel good “ stuff !

Everyone knows how cool it is to “rub elbows” with the big stars- but what about the ones who arent the “big names” in the lights? I had the honor to meet some of these folks- the first interview I did was with Todd Card- to which will be posted on Horrorphilia soon . Todd is one awesome author , a dude that is just plain and simple “real” and has a lot of great ideas for future books. A man full of passion about writing . Also Christopher Ott who owns London 1800 , a musician and artists. His drawings / paintings and tshirts are incredible- humbles me because all I can do ,and that is barely , is stick figure people ! His family was very kind and very welcoming to everyone that came to his table. I ran into an old college buddy and his family there- they had a booth called the “bats meow” that has all kinds of cool dark delights !

Something that made this different then Horrorhound was there was more artists there , as in people who sketch etc. Some painters , caricatures , screen-printing . Several authors who inspired me to get back to reading more! One thing I did miss which I wish I hadn’t- but couldn’t stay- was the Human Centipede that was made on Saturday night with the coordination of Ashley Williams!

I know there isn’t a lot written here- but if you’ve been to a con before- you know what I am talking about- and if you havent , you need to go! This was a blast, simple , not big but more then small, a great start to something wonderful, and so many wonderful people. The stars were so amazing, saw some awesome novel things, found some dvds I been trying to find, and just had a blast! Some would say it was okay , some would “not go” because it’s a new con, but they lost out! Example- (football is a passion for me also so pardon my example) , two loser teams battling it out can be more exciting then seeing two giants of success fighting out in a non- eventful boring game! So Days is starting- but what a start- no it is NOT Horrorhound , but they are different ,and offer differing things,I cant wait to see what it has to offer next year! This covered briefly the other fun things aside from the usual chat about the stars and viewings, because there are some hard working folks out there that travel the con circuit to make a living, and they are what make this possible as well as the stars!

More interviews are on the way ,so be prepared to hear some cool from some cool folks and don’t deny yourself the privilege of seeing this new and wonderful event!



JG- This is John at Days of the Dead making my rounds- with John Buechler , am I pronouncing your name right?

JB- Buechler ! (sounds like “be clear”)

JG - Buechler- as in John need to be clear with how I am saying Johns name!

JG- Well John has done many many things , I am sure a lot of you have seen his films . He was the director of Friday the 13th VII ,Cellar Dweller , Writer and Director of Troll , Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Tony Todd . So tell me- how has Days of the Dead treating you so far today ?

JB- I love it here- everyone is extremely nice , their very ,ahh , positive , very flattering ,its great , you come to a place like this and everyone says nice things to you , I love it !

JG- Awesome !
JG- My question is what brought you to a point when you knew film was something you wanted to do that horror became something that your like “this is the avenue that I want to take with my film career” ?

JB- it is a fairly complex questions .So I will try to answer as simply as I can .When I was 4 years sold I saw King Kong on television , as a 4 year old you don’t know what an actor or a writer or a director or a special effects man does ,but as a 4 year old I knew I wanted to do THAT. I have been pursuing THAT ever since. Now I wouldn’t necessarily classify my work as predominately horror, certainly the balance of my work in special effects have been on horror films , but my directing and writing ahh, resume extends beyond horror ,ahh , I love horror ,I love action adventure ,I love high fantasy ,and I have pursued all of those .

JG- Awesome ! That is something that I have noticed with a lot of the stars ,the people that has part in the horror industry ,that they have found something so satisfying about what they are doing ,that they are actually living what they wanted to do ,that they really enjoy what they do . After speaking with you yesterday ,I can tell you love doing this .Absolutely love this !

JB- oh yeah , who wouldn’t ? I mean ,who wouldn’t love to create ? I mean that’s why we are here isn’t it ?

JG- Yeah- that’s true!

JB- We make our mark , we say our piece!

JG- That is true , and I find that inspiring , and I am sure that others who touch base with you find that inspiring in some way also! At least I would hope so.

JB- I hope so , I mean making a horror film is actually a,a,a, a profoundly , hmm, noble thing to do ,if you think about it , the very first stories that there ever were , were about the hunt , going out after the… meat , the dangers across the way ,around campfires the stories were told ,how heroic people were, going up against the dark evil thing and winning and bringing back the goods ,these stories were told on walls of caves , and in poems, in epic poems , and ultimately today , told a little more visually and viscerally but they are the struggle of humanity against the thing in its way ,solving those problems , and it is a noble pursuit.

JG- Like it is a modern day version of the heroic struggle ,the triumph of the hero like in the old stories and sagas you hear.
JB- Absolutely ! Absolutely ! You know , hmm, Tarzan is that , Sherlock Holmes is that! Zorro is that ! Tina vs. Jason is that !

JG - That is very true (chuckle)- that is definitely a good way to look at that ,a way , another aspect , that I am sure a lot of folks don’t think of . They have Jason who goes off kills someone and they don’t look perhaps ,the heroic aspect , you know , who comes out the winner, the hero , the perhaps the underlining principle ,that someone somehow finds a way to meet that struggle ,and preserver.

JB- It is no odd happenstance that ,the survivor ,hmmm, that the audience lives vicariously through that person , and you live and laugh and cry and possibly die through that person on screen . The back story ,is what compels the audience to make you a real person , you have your problems ,your goals, then this entity occurs that puts up road blocks ,to kill you or might even eat you ,lol , but you preserver and if you don’t you lose . Its that roller coaster ride that you get too share in and ultimately feel a little bit bigger when you come out of the theatre or when you pop out the DVD , you say “ I survived that “ .

JG- that’s true- and then people like me that go to work the next day and say “ I may be having a bad day but so and so got through that in the movie I can get through this”-

JB- Well yeah, absolutely ,

JG- So do you have any projects your working on at present?

JB- I am producing the remake of Troll and I am directing the ,eh , really big movie called The Ring of the Fallen , ,producing a television series called Midnight Hits ,and my special effects company is doing ,eh , Scyfy Channel movie called Spores !

JG- Awesome! So you are definitely are keeping busy with projects !

JB- I try !

JG- Well I wish you luck ,and I will look forward to seeing more of your projects that you are involved in and those I haven’t seen I have to catch up on ,start watching ! Thank you for having this time here in interviewing you!

JB- Its my pleasure - Thank you !

Todd Card Author Hell Cometh from Days of the Dead Indy 2011






JG - This is John here at Days of the Dead with Todd Card, the author of Hell Cometh. So tell me, how did you come to wanting to be an author and wanting to write horror fiction?

TC- I have been writing now for over 15 years , it was a situation that came about that for me to work through personal tragedy ,my father beat my mother to death 6 days after my 26th birthday and out of a way to deal with that , I started to put my feelings and emotions into writing form ,and then I started getting these dreams so I started working with these dreams and my emotions and venting with writing and combining everything to form these stories , I took a personal tragedy and worked that into a daily , a daily exercise for therapy since then .

JG- So kinda like some people would write in a journal or a diary to work through a crisis or things they were going through , you used as your avenue to get that out and also found a way to entertain people who like to read different darker stories or horror stories.

TC-well originally this was never meant to be seen in public, it was hidden a way in a trunk in my house, and one of the founding members of 8Publishing came in and discovered Hell Cometh and take it home with him and read it and came back 3 days latter and said we have to make this book, it has to be available for mass market, we have to have it - so-originally my stories were never to be seen by the general public.

JG- Wow! That’s awesome! Now- my next big question is then, if someone would read this book and come to you and say- “I would love to make this a film” - would you, would this be something that you would say “heck yeah” or “no this is to personal, I wanna keep it like this”, or is this something you would be willing to do?

TC- No, no I would, actually I envisioned this being a film, I wrote it from a film lovers perspective, I didn’t want the people to have to read and decipher things and produce their own visualization of the book, so I wrote that into the book, so basically as you read the book you are watching a movie, that is ultimately what I wanted people to do was to watch a movie as they read. So it is my intention someday that Hell Cometh become a motion picture, I’m 100% open to that.

JG- So in a way this is something that you hope that through this story that someone else may actually learn from the experience, through the story find some way to get over their own personal tragedy or crisis and find an upside to it in some way, in order to deal with something that was a very tragic situation in their life.

TC- The thing I have found is that there are many ways for people to have therapy in their life one of the reasons why, and I had to leave home at a very early age, because of abuse, 13-14 years old, I have been on my own ever since, so I have had a lot of agony that has been internalized. People have to learn how to deal with that internalization of whatever pain and suffering that they have. Some turn to drugs , some turn to alcohol , some continue that cycle of abuse some seek counseling to help guide them inside themselves to help them work through that tragedy they are harboring and to help understand it and release it . For me-I realized at one point if I didn’t find a way to give the internal manifestation a physical manifestation which is out side of me as a person, I was gonna explode. I just felt writing for me was the best venue , so I plugged my self into the tools I needed and went forward and it gushed , literally all my stories have gushed. They come to me in my dreams and I know the story from end to end , the plot , all I have to do is basically is work with the timing and the characters and things of that nature and the stories are done , and I plan on giving the world a lifetime of horror. This is only the beginning, so!

JG- That is one thing that I have noticed when I speak with people here at the conventions, is that there is this one common thing, this something in their past, that they have had this choice to either basically deal with it, you learn to go through that situation or to dwindle away to a very dark place in life. It seems like those who have gone through that and have found a way to deal with it has found it what some folks would be surprised to hear , through doing horror dong the acting , the writing , directing that there is actually a high reverence of life ,a zeal for living their metaphor , their symbolic way of an issue or instance that they were able to move or make into a parable or myth ,folktale for us learn about the goodness of life ,this sounds like kinda what you have been able to achieve with this.

TC- Right! Well, death is the mirror image of life, a natural irony, if you live and go through life, you will see there is an irony on a day to day basis. You can’t have negative without positive, you can’t have positive without negative. The horror genre for me is an exploration of the darkness of humanity but at the same time-anyone who reads this novel in particular will realize it glorifies the better nature of humanity in many aspects, but you have to go very very deep and very very dark and you have to become very disturbed before you can realize the purity of life. Some people capitalize on that because there is a market for that, what I write and how I write is deeply personal to me, like I said it was never meant to be out the way it is now- but are demanding it, they are coming to me telling me they have to have it, so I am sharing it with them. Some are telling me “it touched me, this has made me wanna become a writer” , I am a fledgling author ,so this is , I am at the contention of my future ,I am quite flattered with the reception I have gotten ,a lot of people are treating me quite well .

JG- That definitely has got to make you feel like you’re on the right path, doing the right thing for yourself and for others out there

TC- Yeah, it does, it’s a cleansing too. I am a “lighter” person now then I was before I wrote this book.

JG- As they always say- it’s always darkest before dawn. One has to go through the darkest part first in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel ,to realize there is something that is gonna pull you through all this!

TC- That is true. There is definitely way more darkness to come with me, way more.

JG- You aware of the situation, there’s a lot of people who are not aware ,and you set back and go “what the hell is wrong with you”- its there, we have to be comfortable in knowing that we all have that. Then you can actually start instead of letting life get in the way of living you start living your life , you start finding some goodness within that and within your circumstances ,and I turn might inspire others to fight their own demons, and get through their own tragedy !

TC- Its therapy folks! I hope so, if you’re human, you will have demons, if you exist as a human you will have tragedy, that’s why we are here, and to experience that so what do you do with it? How do you allow it to manifest in your life, as far as I am concerned I give those demons that tragedy the fiction that they need to thrive and send them out into the world in that manifestation, rather then harbor them.

JG- okay- now on a lighter part -are you going to be doing anymore conventions for this year?

TC- I actually had a request a few minutes ago for Fear Fest, I have been, Fear Fest has requested three times, at this convention, you know- I have trouble with a neck and back issue, so the traveling is a little bit of an issue- so I will have to weigh that out to see if its something I can do or not. This maybe the last convention this year until I get this back and neck issue in order , but next year I am looking to get out more , its kinda a difficult year for me this year , anything local here I am trying to get involved with .

JG - It’s so cool to hear that people are begging you to come to their event. Its gotta make you feel good to know there is a demand for you to appear.

TC- If they want me, I will try to find a way to get there! I have had a lot of folks come by and asking about Days of the Dead for next year- and I am already signed up for that, I was asked and I gave a wholehearted yes. I will be doing Horrorhound next year- by then I should have a reprint of Hell Cometh ,Cheating the Dead which is a working title of anther title to be released this year, and Hideous , so there should be three on the table to choose from !

JG- so sounds like another interview or two in store for next year with the new books coming out!

TC - I am open for somebody if they wanna convert it to a screenplay, so if anyone is looking for that I am open for anything and everything. A lot of folks are giving feedback that it’s just a matter or time before it becomes a movie, which to me, it blows me away! One person on Facebook found the town which I based this story on, and went through the town and took photos of the book with street signs and stuff like that, the church, the little house that’s in the story everything, I will be posting that to Facebook, people are really getting hooked on it, I am very happy with that!

JG- That is awesome - I will have to look at those photos! I know it has my curiosity stirred up so, you’ll be getting a few bucks in the pocket out of my wallet and I will be doing myself some good reading!

JG- Well thank you for the interview- we shall be talking again.

TC- Thank you for the time to interview me!


Alex Vincent
IMDB ---
STARS IN - Childs Play 1-3 (Andy Barclay)

JG - This is John from Horrorphilia at Days of the Dead with Alex Vincent from Childs Play 1-3 . So how is Days of the Dead treating you so far ?

AV -Ah , its good it’s a fun time , a pretty good turn out , lots of friends here, having fun!

JG -Well my big question for you is looking back on doing Childs Play as a child, how do you feel when you look back on it that maybe it brought out ways to view things or maybe brought out something different in you from playing that type of roll ?

AG-  Uhmm , it was challenging , it wasn’t scary , it was a totally different experience for me , I never had the opportunity to be afraid , or to feel like there was anything to be afraid of , so being a an actor as a child has its own set of difficulties and challenges , but the fact of it being a horror film didn’t have any impact on me, based on the content.

JG- That is often something that I kinda wandered ,and I know the one child actor that everyone thinks of  of course is Linda Blair  ,how did that effect her , but you don’t hear any of the other child actors. Its something I wondered about watching Childs Play  as I was growing up , what was that like ,how does that shape a child as they are younger .

AV- I made it through it okay….yeah not to bad!

JG- ,You seem okay -lol-I don’t sense any queasiness or uneasiness being around you here.

AV- (chuckle)

JG- So what are you doing today, like now , are you doing films now ?

AV- Well , I , no , I do a lot of writing ,I um, have a couple acting things coming up ,a lot of them fall through so I don’t wanna talk about it til its out, you know , but yeah , theres always some things going on.

JG- Gotcha

JG- Well obviously Days of the Dead seems to be treating you pretty well , so do you have any other plans , or event s for this year?

AV- I have a couple things coming up , the Crypticon shows , if you go to my website ,all my upcoming appearances are on there ,

JG - Well, awesome- I will make sure that people know about that so they can go there and bombard your site and find out where your gonna be hiding out next!

AV- Thanks so much-

JG- Thanks so much for your time Alex, I really appreciate it  !  Thank  you!

Ashley C Williams interview 2011 Days of the Dead Indianapolis

IMDB ---

JG- Here I am at Days of the Dead with Ashley Williams from the controversial Human Centipede! Thank you for letting me interviews you!

JG- So tell me how did you get involved in doing horror films?

AW-Well this was my first horror film, I was in New York and auditioned for it- its funny because in the breakdown for the audition they didn’t even say it was a horror film, they said it was a controversial European film.

JG- Ahhh- how is that for a politically correct way to put it- lol

AW- Yeah- !

JG- Oh my goodness! So when you found out more what the movie was gonna entail how did you bring yourself to go “ I ‘m doing this “ -because its been pretty controversial !

AW- mmmm, yes - it took me a couple of weeks to decide I wanted to do the film- had to decide what to do , would it be good for my career , I thought if I do this it could either make or break my career., depending on how controversial it is and if the film makes it or not. Ah , definitely had to consider a lot of things , the nudity was one of the things, whether this was a legit company , whether they were gonna really do this to us- you know was it a film . I had to ask all those questions. Finally decided it was such , an original piece and Tom Six is so passionate about it and the way he described it , I was like “you know what “ , Tom Six is a really awesome guy ,Alona , his sister , is the producer ,she was really amazing ,the whole crew was really great to work with. You know when I realized how great of an experience this would be, and what it might do for my career, I was like “you know what- I am gonna take the risk and do it”!

JG- So- if he came knocking at your door and said- “I want you in my next movie “would you do it?

AW- would who? Tom Six- oh- oh yeah- definitely, I would love to work with him again!

JG- One question that comes to mind, is that, after you made this film and it was out and everyone could see it-how did your friends and family take this, were they like “oh my god look at this film“,” this is my friend or my daughter”, how did they respond with you about being in a film that is probably going to go down as possibly one of the most controversial films made.

AW- Well I thank God I have the parents that I do have, because they are super super supportive of anything that I do ,they were pretty shocked at the film as anybody in the world is and they came out to the LA premier , my grandparents came to see it ,they were very supportive , of course  they said I hope you do other films in future that doesn’t require nudity and such graphics like this in general ,so ,hmmm , they ,some of my best friends will refuse to see the film because they get real queasy with any kind of  you know- graphic things like that, but everyone has been super super supportive , they reacted like any normal person would react towards the film .

JG- Its great to know you had that support  on the film , because if you didn’t ,it would make you kinda feel like “what am I doing here now ?” , -:I just made everybody….”- cant think of the word - you follow my thought here?

AW- I wouldn’t want anyone in my family be disappointed in me for choosing a certain roll or something but- you know it is my career and I definitely have a say in what I do and why I do it ,so- if they weren’t supportive  it would hurt , yeah ,you know- they are and I am very lucky!

JG- what kind of projects are you working on now- anything lined up ?

AW- I just finished doing a film called Leaving Circadia, it’s a coming of age story, very hmm, a dramedy, comedy drama, and lets see, it should be coming out next year sometime. I am also doing another horror film called Hollow Point directed by Thomas Churchill ,who is also here ay Days of the Dead ,he has a film called the Emerging Present that’s out ,hmmm, and I am also doing a romantic comedy called “A Guy Named Rick” that will be shooting this fall !

JG- Sounds like you’re hitting the whole gamut when it comes to your films, many differing types of opportunities,

AW- Well says thank God for that so I am not doing all horror, I am grateful to be cast in other genres also.

JG- That’s great, not getting pigeon holed, but being able to show what you can do in so many differing ways and hopefully more opportunities to.

AW- This gives chance to do other things besides horror

JG- Well congratulations, that’s great!

JG- Do you have more events you will be going to this year?

AW- Nothing is lined up as of yet , but daintily  I post things on my  Facebook Fan page , so you may keep in touch with me on there! I will make sure everyone knows!

JG-I will make sure that link is on here also for you-so the people can see what is happening with your films and career- So- Thank you Ashley- thank you for this little quick interview!

AW-You did a great job!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Welcome to my new venture- new to this blog stuff !  I ask you to bear with me as I learn how this all works! I will be using this blog as a place to put my interviews , reviews and photos ! Of course- all horror related! Maybe even a place to see all kinds of classic movie posters for horror!