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As usual I wanna start this with a thank you to my friend the wonderful Chainmail Chick – I know horror isn’t really up your alley- but your awesome- and you have a cool way about things with your cosplay ! Thank you for giving me this wonderful interview and hope to keep in touch from here on out!!! TY again!!! John

 JG -My first questions- obviously I see where the name Chainmail Chick came from- but what brought on the whole chainmail persona? I read how you did Ren Fairs etc- and do Cosplay - but I know one chooses their “role” – how did you choose your chainmail persona?? (that’s a hard one to word lol)

CC - I think it developed more than I chose it -- I got started modeling at a ren faire, and chainmail bikini was the costume du jour, and it made me feel like a warrior princess, so I just stuck with it. I've always liked female swordslingers! I've considered turning "the chainmail chick" into a real character on my youtube channel... she seems like she'd have some pretty interesting adventures!

 JG -Do you like horror movies at all ?? I have to ask- my site does mainly horror oriented stuff so have to ask hahaha !!!

 CC - Haha noooo I'm actually terrified of them. I have very vivid dreams, so I try to avoid anything too scary or gore-filled. Even Pan's Labyrinth was too intense for me. I'm more of an action flick girl.

 JG -What got you started in modeling

CC - A really nice photographer who encouraged me to pose for him. Prior to working with him, I hated and feared cameras, because I was pretty well convinced it was physically impossible to get a decent picture of me. Turns out it's all about lighting and angles and terrible cunning photographers! Who knew!

 JG -Would you , if opportunity arose- want to pursue chance for acting???

 CC - It could be fun! I've done small acting projects here and there (like my trailer for True Dungeon or my skit with Beat Down Boogie), but I think it'd be really fun to have a role in a fantasy/adventure movie. Preferably a pretty badass one with an awesome costume. And a fight scene. Alternatively, I would totally be down to be in anything by Dead Gentlemen Productions (the crew who did Dorkness Rising, my favorite gamer movie EVER).

 JG - What conventions do you most attend? Gencon ? Do you ever hit the film circuit- ,like sci fi or horror conventions??

CC - I do a pretty good spread of conventions, everything from GenCon to Dragon*con to Celebration (a big Star Wars convention in Orlando) to all the smaller local cons in NC. Generally I gravitate towards sci fi/fantasy stuff.

 JG - What kind of other endeavors do you pursue ??

 CC - Besides professional chainmail bikini wearing? Photo-editing and manipulation, costume making  , go go dancing, leather work, writing... also baking, cake decorating, cat wrangling, and extremely bad karaoke singing.

JG - Are you a reader and if so , what is your favorite book and author?

CC -Avid reader! My favorite book is a tie between "Name of the Wind" and its sequel, "Wise Man's Fear," by Patrick Rothfuss. I can't recommend this book enough; it's unlike any other fantasy novel out there. A believeable, immersive world that draws you right in - characters and cultures that you wish you could meet - and the most beautiful, carefully crafted prose. It's like a symphony of words. Side note, I got to meet the author, and he is a) super nice, b) pretty geeky, and c) willing to sign cleavage. Hell yes. I wish I could have laminated my boob or something.

 JG - Now ,fun stuff, if I were to snag your IPOD - what music would be on it right now ???

CC -The Protomen, a lot of Broadway musicals, E.S. Posthumus, and Kimbra.

JG - Any guilty pleasures? Music (secret Loverboy fan) , Movie ( loved Somewhere in Time perhaps?), maybe a Harlequin Romance (you know, the kind with Fabio on the cover ? Hehehe)

CC - French pastries, video game binges, and sitting on the floor of Barnes and Nobles reading comic books! Also, really girly lolita dresses with lots of ruffles. Totally does not go with my image. Oh! And My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. DON'T JUDGE ME.

JG -Now- guiltless self promotion ,spill it all- new projects- conventions , websites ? Anything- anything at all!

CC -I finally got my YouTube channel sort of up! There's not much there right now, but keep an eye on it, I have plans. Mwahahaha.

 I'm planning several original costume designs, the first of which is... elven lingerie! My favorite modeling/costuming partner Kelsey is joining forces with me on some really awesome ideas. Another project in the works is called Nerdiquette, which is a group effort by several women I know to help make conventions a more comfortable environment for everyone. We'll be doing panels and workshops at conventions with dating advice, general geek etiquette, discussions about making geek culture more inclusive of lady nerds, and hilarious horror stories about creepers who couldn't find social propriety if it hit them in the face.
You can also follow my adventures via my blog: or see pictures on deviantart (I pose some stuff there that isn't SFW)

Thanks for the interview! I feel famous! <3

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