Saturday, February 6, 2016


okay folks- I have come to a decision - its a hard one - but it is a must - I am a horror fan - through and through . I love oldies and new stuff , independent and even some Hollywood. I am a FAN first ! I will always be very very glad to share about things for you all- and to show my support - and to high five you on your accomplishments- God knows it is hard out there to make dreams come true ! What I have decided to do ,because the fan in me is feeling so secondary now in my horror world, and frankly it is hard for me to say no when I NEED to to review or have folks on the show , it makes me feel bad that I cannot uphold my obligations and my desires to help you all and chat stuff ,I am from this point on , an INDEFINITE holding pattern, not doing the Horrorfying Blog . I have no idea if I will open it back up or not , but right now , school is so freaking crazy ,and I do not see how in next year I can do very much at all with it . It is not fair to you all nor me to keep everyone hanging.I hope you guys all stay with me here though , and I know some may bolt , but that's okay. I am John the, Student , Hubby , Father ,Friend , and the Fan before anything else. 

The Soskas were the most pivotal , encouraging , and inspiring in me to do this blog , and we had several chats on here ,I cant thank them enough . YOUR BROTHER LOVES YOU TWO BEYOND WORDS- so thankful for all your support!!
Dont anyone worry- all your podcasts are saved and archived- I LOVE them all- and will always be popping one on from time to time to listen ! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING- I am so grateful for all your support , being on the show , reviews etc. means the world to me. I wont go on and on here- I will get sentimental - but- I THANK YOU all for everything to date - and for all your understanding for the indefinite future- maybe I will reopen it all back one day- but time to do so now- I just simply do not have ! I am deactivating the Lost in 80s page here on FB - keeping blog activated- so you all can see it still !! Too many people here to name- to tag- so- I know you all know who you are - that has made this amazing !!