Sunday, August 28, 2011


Okay , everyone- I must thank two most amazing gals for their inspiration and encouragement to leave the safety of the "nonwritng John" to the "writing John". Two folks , sisters , to be more precise, TWINS, really inspired me to do writing,I have always felt like I sucked as a writer,all through growing up never did very well at writing essays etc, nor giving speeches! These two gals ,followed their dream,and made it happen and are living their dream,they are so humble and so appreciative of their fans and friends! I was a fan first, then become friend, now, damn it- wow- I am now a "nonblood family", I am listed as brother on their Facebook- and that makes me so happy! Why??? Because of their encouragement ,their inspiration to get out of my own safety zone and get the hell on with my dreams! Now- who the hell are these Twins???? They are the one , well Two, and only Jen and Sylvia Soska! They have been so good to me as a person, they are so sweet, kind m humble,and edifying to me- and because of them,I gave writing a shot. Am I good? Maybe! I have a ways to go to be good in my eyes, but I found the courage to go with it and learn as I go. The confidence to go through the mistakes, and the hopeful good writing, and breath the sigh of "I DID IT"- I am forever indebted to Jen and Sylvia. They are forewarned that the Day of Our Greet Meeting- the hug they will each get would make a bear feel weak and they may end up in a body cast, because, they are truly what a FRIEND should be- what SISTERS should be! I love you girls- and I am so grateful for you two and I have no words to say that even comes close to the appreciation I have for you two, for your encouragement! Now the cloud sitting part- what did I mean by that? I hope they are both sitting on Cloud #9 and higher, because they deserve it! Their success thus far is amazing- and I am so glad to be apart of it. I can begin to say how happy I am for you two! Thanks you two- thank from the bottom of my heart for everything you have said ,did and told me about being the best and not to be afraid to step outside my own personal insecurities and fears- and just DO IT!!!!! You two f'ing amaze me- and I feel on top of the world knowing I am doing it- good or bad- doesn't matter- I am DOING IT!!! Thank you thank you thank you! You two are radcore to the extreme~~~
Your fan, friend, and family forever-

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