Thursday, August 25, 2011


Alex Vincent
IMDB ---
STARS IN - Childs Play 1-3 (Andy Barclay)

JG - This is John from Horrorphilia at Days of the Dead with Alex Vincent from Childs Play 1-3 . So how is Days of the Dead treating you so far ?

AV -Ah , its good it’s a fun time , a pretty good turn out , lots of friends here, having fun!

JG -Well my big question for you is looking back on doing Childs Play as a child, how do you feel when you look back on it that maybe it brought out ways to view things or maybe brought out something different in you from playing that type of roll ?

AG-  Uhmm , it was challenging , it wasn’t scary , it was a totally different experience for me , I never had the opportunity to be afraid , or to feel like there was anything to be afraid of , so being a an actor as a child has its own set of difficulties and challenges , but the fact of it being a horror film didn’t have any impact on me, based on the content.

JG- That is often something that I kinda wandered ,and I know the one child actor that everyone thinks of  of course is Linda Blair  ,how did that effect her , but you don’t hear any of the other child actors. Its something I wondered about watching Childs Play  as I was growing up , what was that like ,how does that shape a child as they are younger .

AV- I made it through it okay….yeah not to bad!

JG- ,You seem okay -lol-I don’t sense any queasiness or uneasiness being around you here.

AV- (chuckle)

JG- So what are you doing today, like now , are you doing films now ?

AV- Well , I , no , I do a lot of writing ,I um, have a couple acting things coming up ,a lot of them fall through so I don’t wanna talk about it til its out, you know , but yeah , theres always some things going on.

JG- Gotcha

JG- Well obviously Days of the Dead seems to be treating you pretty well , so do you have any other plans , or event s for this year?

AV- I have a couple things coming up , the Crypticon shows , if you go to my website ,all my upcoming appearances are on there ,

JG - Well, awesome- I will make sure that people know about that so they can go there and bombard your site and find out where your gonna be hiding out next!

AV- Thanks so much-

JG- Thanks so much for your time Alex, I really appreciate it  !  Thank  you!

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