Thursday, August 25, 2011


Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2011
July 1-3 Wyndham West
By : From Dusk til Con

Guests- Ace Frehley , Bill Mosley , Zoe Bell , Ginger Lynn Allen , Derek Mears , Alex Vincent , John Bechler , Julie Anne , Kaylee Williams , Ohgr (Skinny Puppy) , Heather Langenkamp , Amanda Wyss , Ashley Williams (Human Centipede) , Amy Lynn Best , “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and many ,many more .

First off- all I can say is this, this was awesome! Second- do not expect timeline of events to be correct, too much to remember (no, not from too much drinking -lol ). Secondly , it rocked!!

I got to the Wyndham on this damn hot day in Indy , above average temps outside and could not wait to get into the air conditioning. It was just so awesome to be there . I honestly do not know where to begin. It was by no means perfect- but it was great, and I believe that it will only get better . I have to offer kudos to From Dusk til Con family- they did wonderful and the Wyndham was a great place for it.

Well there I was, a kid in a candy store. DVDs , stars , friends , Facebook friends , friendly strangers that turned into friends. Honestly this is what this is about- a common place to go, with common interest and meet new folks (stars , directors ,artists , vendors, and everyday folks like me) and go home with a larger family. That is what I did- and that is what I felt. Okay enough of the “feel good “ stuff !

Everyone knows how cool it is to “rub elbows” with the big stars- but what about the ones who arent the “big names” in the lights? I had the honor to meet some of these folks- the first interview I did was with Todd Card- to which will be posted on Horrorphilia soon . Todd is one awesome author , a dude that is just plain and simple “real” and has a lot of great ideas for future books. A man full of passion about writing . Also Christopher Ott who owns London 1800 , a musician and artists. His drawings / paintings and tshirts are incredible- humbles me because all I can do ,and that is barely , is stick figure people ! His family was very kind and very welcoming to everyone that came to his table. I ran into an old college buddy and his family there- they had a booth called the “bats meow” that has all kinds of cool dark delights !

Something that made this different then Horrorhound was there was more artists there , as in people who sketch etc. Some painters , caricatures , screen-printing . Several authors who inspired me to get back to reading more! One thing I did miss which I wish I hadn’t- but couldn’t stay- was the Human Centipede that was made on Saturday night with the coordination of Ashley Williams!

I know there isn’t a lot written here- but if you’ve been to a con before- you know what I am talking about- and if you havent , you need to go! This was a blast, simple , not big but more then small, a great start to something wonderful, and so many wonderful people. The stars were so amazing, saw some awesome novel things, found some dvds I been trying to find, and just had a blast! Some would say it was okay , some would “not go” because it’s a new con, but they lost out! Example- (football is a passion for me also so pardon my example) , two loser teams battling it out can be more exciting then seeing two giants of success fighting out in a non- eventful boring game! So Days is starting- but what a start- no it is NOT Horrorhound , but they are different ,and offer differing things,I cant wait to see what it has to offer next year! This covered briefly the other fun things aside from the usual chat about the stars and viewings, because there are some hard working folks out there that travel the con circuit to make a living, and they are what make this possible as well as the stars!

More interviews are on the way ,so be prepared to hear some cool from some cool folks and don’t deny yourself the privilege of seeing this new and wonderful event!

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