Thursday, August 25, 2011


JG -What did get you the start in wanting to do film ?

MM-I've always been a huge cinephile; when most people my age would go out and play, I was known to prefer spending long summer days in the comfort of a movie theatre or a basement watching any movie I could get my hands on! I also really loved reading and started writing stories when I was about 9. So, in a way, filmmaking is the perfect combination of these two passions!

JG-What grabbed you about horror?

MM-I don't really know; I feel horror has always been part of my life... When I was a kid, I would always choose macabre or horrific entertainment, such as the Point Horror book or the Are You Afraid of the Dark tv series. Something about it made it feel like 'getting home', which is something I never felt with any other kid-oriented entertainment. When I finally saw my first horror film, I was hooked and have never questioned that love for the genre!

JG-what in the genre- did you see or feel , or sense- that grabbed you so deeply- to do Bloody Breasts? Why that issue- and why now ? :-)

MM-All my life I've had people question my career-choice and my interest for horror. I learned to deal with it and answer in a way that makes sense to an outsider. Then, I started studying film and media studies, reading a lot of academic texts and having to academically defend my work, which I thought would be fairly easy until I had to answer to comments from classmates saying that I was the embodiement of everything that was wrong with women today. Ouch. That was a tough one to swallow, especially since their judgement was mostly based on the misunderstanding that a woman could enjoy watching a horror film. I like to think of myself as a egalitarian and I never felt that wanting to work as a woman in horror was diminishing in any way. But I must admit that, at first, I wondered if I was wrong and started seeking fellow women horror filmmakers. I was so amazed by the great women I met locally and virtually that it became obvious that I had to get this project started, so that collectively we could speak up and say 'it's enough' to all these gendered, pre-conceived notions.
As for timing, it couldn't be better as halfway through the shooting, the first Women in Horror month happened, which just made the timing even better!

Whew! I almost wrote a novel! ;P I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me anything else you want to ask or need to know! I'll reply faster, I promise!

THANK YOU for doing this and supporting me, my project and all the wonderful women involved. It really means a lot!

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