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JG- This is John at Days of the Dead making my rounds- with John Buechler , am I pronouncing your name right?

JB- Buechler ! (sounds like “be clear”)

JG - Buechler- as in John need to be clear with how I am saying Johns name!

JG- Well John has done many many things , I am sure a lot of you have seen his films . He was the director of Friday the 13th VII ,Cellar Dweller , Writer and Director of Troll , Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Tony Todd . So tell me- how has Days of the Dead treating you so far today ?

JB- I love it here- everyone is extremely nice , their very ,ahh , positive , very flattering ,its great , you come to a place like this and everyone says nice things to you , I love it !

JG- Awesome !
JG- My question is what brought you to a point when you knew film was something you wanted to do that horror became something that your like “this is the avenue that I want to take with my film career” ?

JB- it is a fairly complex questions .So I will try to answer as simply as I can .When I was 4 years sold I saw King Kong on television , as a 4 year old you don’t know what an actor or a writer or a director or a special effects man does ,but as a 4 year old I knew I wanted to do THAT. I have been pursuing THAT ever since. Now I wouldn’t necessarily classify my work as predominately horror, certainly the balance of my work in special effects have been on horror films , but my directing and writing ahh, resume extends beyond horror ,ahh , I love horror ,I love action adventure ,I love high fantasy ,and I have pursued all of those .

JG- Awesome ! That is something that I have noticed with a lot of the stars ,the people that has part in the horror industry ,that they have found something so satisfying about what they are doing ,that they are actually living what they wanted to do ,that they really enjoy what they do . After speaking with you yesterday ,I can tell you love doing this .Absolutely love this !

JB- oh yeah , who wouldn’t ? I mean ,who wouldn’t love to create ? I mean that’s why we are here isn’t it ?

JG- Yeah- that’s true!

JB- We make our mark , we say our piece!

JG- That is true , and I find that inspiring , and I am sure that others who touch base with you find that inspiring in some way also! At least I would hope so.

JB- I hope so , I mean making a horror film is actually a,a,a, a profoundly , hmm, noble thing to do ,if you think about it , the very first stories that there ever were , were about the hunt , going out after the… meat , the dangers across the way ,around campfires the stories were told ,how heroic people were, going up against the dark evil thing and winning and bringing back the goods ,these stories were told on walls of caves , and in poems, in epic poems , and ultimately today , told a little more visually and viscerally but they are the struggle of humanity against the thing in its way ,solving those problems , and it is a noble pursuit.

JG- Like it is a modern day version of the heroic struggle ,the triumph of the hero like in the old stories and sagas you hear.
JB- Absolutely ! Absolutely ! You know , hmm, Tarzan is that , Sherlock Holmes is that! Zorro is that ! Tina vs. Jason is that !

JG - That is very true (chuckle)- that is definitely a good way to look at that ,a way , another aspect , that I am sure a lot of folks don’t think of . They have Jason who goes off kills someone and they don’t look perhaps ,the heroic aspect , you know , who comes out the winner, the hero , the perhaps the underlining principle ,that someone somehow finds a way to meet that struggle ,and preserver.

JB- It is no odd happenstance that ,the survivor ,hmmm, that the audience lives vicariously through that person , and you live and laugh and cry and possibly die through that person on screen . The back story ,is what compels the audience to make you a real person , you have your problems ,your goals, then this entity occurs that puts up road blocks ,to kill you or might even eat you ,lol , but you preserver and if you don’t you lose . Its that roller coaster ride that you get too share in and ultimately feel a little bit bigger when you come out of the theatre or when you pop out the DVD , you say “ I survived that “ .

JG- that’s true- and then people like me that go to work the next day and say “ I may be having a bad day but so and so got through that in the movie I can get through this”-

JB- Well yeah, absolutely ,

JG- So do you have any projects your working on at present?

JB- I am producing the remake of Troll and I am directing the ,eh , really big movie called The Ring of the Fallen , ,producing a television series called Midnight Hits ,and my special effects company is doing ,eh , Scyfy Channel movie called Spores !

JG- Awesome! So you are definitely are keeping busy with projects !

JB- I try !

JG- Well I wish you luck ,and I will look forward to seeing more of your projects that you are involved in and those I haven’t seen I have to catch up on ,start watching ! Thank you for having this time here in interviewing you!

JB- Its my pleasure - Thank you !

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