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Ashley C Williams interview 2011 Days of the Dead Indianapolis

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JG- Here I am at Days of the Dead with Ashley Williams from the controversial Human Centipede! Thank you for letting me interviews you!

JG- So tell me how did you get involved in doing horror films?

AW-Well this was my first horror film, I was in New York and auditioned for it- its funny because in the breakdown for the audition they didn’t even say it was a horror film, they said it was a controversial European film.

JG- Ahhh- how is that for a politically correct way to put it- lol

AW- Yeah- !

JG- Oh my goodness! So when you found out more what the movie was gonna entail how did you bring yourself to go “ I ‘m doing this “ -because its been pretty controversial !

AW- mmmm, yes - it took me a couple of weeks to decide I wanted to do the film- had to decide what to do , would it be good for my career , I thought if I do this it could either make or break my career., depending on how controversial it is and if the film makes it or not. Ah , definitely had to consider a lot of things , the nudity was one of the things, whether this was a legit company , whether they were gonna really do this to us- you know was it a film . I had to ask all those questions. Finally decided it was such , an original piece and Tom Six is so passionate about it and the way he described it , I was like “you know what “ , Tom Six is a really awesome guy ,Alona , his sister , is the producer ,she was really amazing ,the whole crew was really great to work with. You know when I realized how great of an experience this would be, and what it might do for my career, I was like “you know what- I am gonna take the risk and do it”!

JG- So- if he came knocking at your door and said- “I want you in my next movie “would you do it?

AW- would who? Tom Six- oh- oh yeah- definitely, I would love to work with him again!

JG- One question that comes to mind, is that, after you made this film and it was out and everyone could see it-how did your friends and family take this, were they like “oh my god look at this film“,” this is my friend or my daughter”, how did they respond with you about being in a film that is probably going to go down as possibly one of the most controversial films made.

AW- Well I thank God I have the parents that I do have, because they are super super supportive of anything that I do ,they were pretty shocked at the film as anybody in the world is and they came out to the LA premier , my grandparents came to see it ,they were very supportive , of course  they said I hope you do other films in future that doesn’t require nudity and such graphics like this in general ,so ,hmmm , they ,some of my best friends will refuse to see the film because they get real queasy with any kind of  you know- graphic things like that, but everyone has been super super supportive , they reacted like any normal person would react towards the film .

JG- Its great to know you had that support  on the film , because if you didn’t ,it would make you kinda feel like “what am I doing here now ?” , -:I just made everybody….”- cant think of the word - you follow my thought here?

AW- I wouldn’t want anyone in my family be disappointed in me for choosing a certain roll or something but- you know it is my career and I definitely have a say in what I do and why I do it ,so- if they weren’t supportive  it would hurt , yeah ,you know- they are and I am very lucky!

JG- what kind of projects are you working on now- anything lined up ?

AW- I just finished doing a film called Leaving Circadia, it’s a coming of age story, very hmm, a dramedy, comedy drama, and lets see, it should be coming out next year sometime. I am also doing another horror film called Hollow Point directed by Thomas Churchill ,who is also here ay Days of the Dead ,he has a film called the Emerging Present that’s out ,hmmm, and I am also doing a romantic comedy called “A Guy Named Rick” that will be shooting this fall !

JG- Sounds like you’re hitting the whole gamut when it comes to your films, many differing types of opportunities,

AW- Well says thank God for that so I am not doing all horror, I am grateful to be cast in other genres also.

JG- That’s great, not getting pigeon holed, but being able to show what you can do in so many differing ways and hopefully more opportunities to.

AW- This gives chance to do other things besides horror

JG- Well congratulations, that’s great!

JG- Do you have more events you will be going to this year?

AW- Nothing is lined up as of yet , but daintily  I post things on my  Facebook Fan page , so you may keep in touch with me on there! I will make sure everyone knows!

JG-I will make sure that link is on here also for you-so the people can see what is happening with your films and career- So- Thank you Ashley- thank you for this little quick interview!

AW-You did a great job!!

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