Friday, August 26, 2011


Julie Anne

JG- What was the first thing that got you hooked into the acting world
> ? Why did you choose to do that over dancing ? Do you do dance still ?

Julie- I started out doing alternative modeling, and once I turned 18
> I got into working as a spokesmodel for Troma studios at the Orlando
> horror conventions. I was drawn to pursuing acting, but had no formal
> training. I eventually got up the nerve to audition, and ended up
> getting the lead in a feature called Teen Zombies in Love, and also a
> supporting in a short that is part of the anthology Slices. You can
> actually buy Slices online, and also view it on netflix. I prefer
> acting because I have full range of creative expression and
> performance. I love to dance, but I don't do it professionally. Once I
> started acting I never stopped, and I don't plan on stopping anytime
> soon.
JG-What kind of films would you love to do besides horror films? What
> would be your dream role ? Any stars you would die to act with or any
> director that would make your acting career complete?

Julie- Action, I love stunt work, fight training, anything with
> weapons. Anything that keeps me active, and where I can learn a skill,
> and feel like I truly worked my body out as well as my mind. My dream
> role is just something that involves all of the above, something
> strong, and of course twisted. Any director that believes in what they
> do, has an honest talent, and who will be supportive and admirable in
> the process!
JG- What projects are you working on at present ? Any plans on
> conventions or films in near future ?
Julie- I have a handful that are coming out this fall. As Night Falls
> starring Debbie Rochon, Raine Brown, Deneen Melody. Zellwood starring
> Playboys Sara Jean Underwood. No Strings 2 Starring Penthouse Pet Anju
> McIntyre, Damien Collettii, Max Wasa. Another episode of Dr.G: Medical
> Examiner airing in September.
> I have a film i'm working on for the SyFy channel which will air
> around Halloween, a HUGELY AMAZING project called Dead Buzz, some
> really amazing work out in Chicago which I can't share yet. I have
> work on a couple projects in October and November, along with a film
> by Joe Hollow, which will feature just outstanding cast members from
> all ends of the horror community.
> As far as conventions I have one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then Spooky
> Empire in Orlando, Rock and Shock, HorrorHound. I have three others to
> confirm with, but that's what is set in stone right now.
JG- What would you do- if you could not do any more acting?
Julie- I will be going back to school to continue my Crime Scene
> Technician certification, and then on to a degree in the same field. I
> won't be slowing down my acting though!

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