Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hey folks !!! This was an awesome weekend - I had a blast! I had a lot of plans and ideas- but not too many actually happened- but that is okay- becasue I had a great experience and learned a lot and had a blast!

First off- I wanna thank Jason Hignite and Nicole Watson for helping me get into this amazing event- and for seeing an even like this from a whole other perspective that I had never done before! I got to help! I got to be a "yellow shirt" for two days- and from time to time - be the door dude at the screening room! THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY AND FOR EVERYTHING THIS WEEKEND- YOU GUYS AND THE HH CREW ROCKED THE WEEKEND

Yes- folks I got to work it a bit! That actually was fun- believe it or not, it wasn't hard work , but it was tiring. I even from time to time was able to see folks out and about who saw me as staff and I got to take them to rooms, show them where things were and I met and interacted with some awesome folks! I can honestly say- I have yet to meet anyone at any con that wasn't nice, kind cool or something good- no one thus far who was rude or a jerk! Great folks at these horror cons!!!!

I didn't get as many interviews done as I wanted- some I still owe folks- some I got set up to do as podcasts soon to talk about HH and the whole weekend! So a little teaser of what to expect - Toe Tag crew , Athena Prychodko , Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield (the folks who made Teddy), Jerem Morrow (comic artist extraordinaire).

I did get to get a photo with Lance Henrikson - he is so cool- he has always been one of my favs and my goal was to at least get a photo op and I did ! Wasnt able to really see the wonderful Linda Hamilton or Edward Furlong , nor Michael Beihn ( his line was about as long as it is from Indy to Chicago- the dude has massive line!!). I did get some little far away shots lol- and one or two of Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson ( and I stole a few from others photo albums!).

There were some awesome vendors- lots of mask makers ,see my photos on Facebook! There are some majorly incredible artists out there!Speaking of artists- I got a photo op with Glenn Hetrick from Scyfy's Face Off- he was really cool and very intense!

The guests were cool- Anthony Michael Hall couldnt make it, got a movie ! The Monster Squad dudes were there - cool!!! A genius of make up effects from Scyfys Face Off Glenn Hetrick was there and folks were digging him and I even got a photo op!! Ken Foree and CJ Graham ( Jason 6 ),the Chioda Brothers - and geeez- so many more - just see the site (

Some folks to check out- the Werepups folks- these werepups were so awesome- looked absolutely REAL!! Aesthetic Remains was a cool booth !Remember those projects where you would pin moths and insects to a board for class???? Well imagine glassed coverd frames with bats , scorpions , centipedes , spiders etc- they were cool- I believe the artist does a lot more then just that (jewelry and head pieces etc!). So many cool vendors

I also was able to view only 2 films- short one hehehe - but they were awes om , one from France called Babysitting , hmmmm, these children are from hell hahaha- and one called Teddy ! Teddy was a homage to old school slashers- everything they all had in common tossed into a homage for a short film and was funny and just cool! (stay tuned for an interview from the makers!!!)

I met some awesome folks- got to see folks I have known on Facebook and never got to meet- now- in person- we met- and some- new folks who turned into awesome folks and new friends ! Friends- if you have never gone to a horror con , go sometime , they are so fun , and the people are wonderful , and a sense of family ( all us horror freaks gotta stick together) . I have now been to 4 and have not ever had a moment of "bad" ! So my friends , FB and new con friends alike- TY for being so wonderful - thank you for being who you are- and for being my friends! So heres to you- Brittany Smith , Athena Prychodko , The awesome Toe Tag family (Fred , Shelby and Jerami), Angela Denton , The Crossbearer folks (Adam , Natalie and Kacie) ,Kitsie Duncan , Laura Champion ,Katie Deerest my demon and vodka sharing friend,and my own personal con stalker aka Wonder Woman (you rock Vicki)

So- I could go on and on- but I wanted to share a little bit here about it- and I want to say I had a great time , even with the asshats who kept pulling the fire alarm (6 times) Saturday- boy was everyone in a hurry to leave lol haaa NOT!!!! We all would have burned to death and the CSI folks would have had a field day with the people if there was a fire lol !! It was great- I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait til the nest one!

Oh and by the way- it made our local news WRTV 6- (;s=1;p=news&dm=ss&tn=b)

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