Monday, September 3, 2012


ELIZAS DIARY 2012 approx 18 minutes
Directors- Christian Grillo and Carmela Hayslett
Writer- Carmela Hayslett (ELIZAS DIARY)
5 out of 5 stars

I watched a cool short film today- it was called Eliza's Diary , and it stars the awesome Carmela Hayslett (aka Roxsy Tyler) ,DM Folger Jr ,Chuck Maher ,Carl Stevens ,Ashley Keller and Melissa Michalczyk.
This cool little short was described to me as a modern tale from the likes of Twilight Zone or Night Gallery , and I would have to agree !

To quote IMDB "Eliza establishes a unique relationship with the spirit of a diarist named Alfred whom pens replies to Eliza in her journal but the friendship turns terrifying when Alfred demands to be released from the confines of the book's pages. " ( I quoted IMDB because they summarized it perfectly , so ,if it works ,then damn, use it lol )

It totally placed in frame of mind of watching Night Gallery ,and the 20 minute episodes , that were quick ,quirky, macabre , creepy and fun ! I watched it 3 times- and I really enjoyed it- and hope you all will get the chance to see this short also! Check and see what cons are coming around your area , or film festivals and check this short out- oh ,geeez, before I forget, as I watching this short, I could have swore I heard the one and only Rod Serling whisper in my ear "this is wonderful , please make sure the folks see this !" - okay , maybe not , but damn , I think even he would be impressed!

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