Sunday, September 30, 2012


Folks-- this may just be a "message" for me- or heck maybe a message for you all also or maybe just a reminder to someone to keep your head up ! This will ,hopefully ,all make sense by the end -lol ! Well, as you all know that I had an awesome podcast with Erica Summers and Amber Watson- and we hit the point that we all like to think that bad things ONLY happen to those who deserve it ,only to bad people ,but in reality bad things happen to good people also! Well- this horrordude- I love all kinds of movies and TV- and even music. I can watch Cats and Dogs then Somewhere in Time then pop in Hostel- and at this moment- I've been going through a childhood favorite of mine- Little House on the Prairie- been marathon busy of season 1 and 2 ! Sometimes nice to  return to thought of older days that were simpler- where people stuck to their word,and helped folks out! Well- I am on the finale of season 2- the Ingalls just lost everything in a tornado and Mr Ingalls has decided to move back to his old home - up root his family and leave. Little Half-pint ,Laura Ingalls , called him out- said she never saw him ever give up before- becasue he is leaving- and he was blaming God for this and didnt know why it happened to him and his family. He kept saying that no one understood how it felt- and that God had to be punishing him . Well- Half Pint was right - he was frustrated and just overwhelmed and giving up. An elderly couple came to see about buying their farm- the old man, was returning to his boyhood home- and saw a tree he remembered when he was a boy - and said that that tree was rooted in the earth , reaching towards the heavens and stood firm and strong- and swayed-  and moved in storms- lost limbs and leaves-  but always remained faithful to his roots! This is what Mr Ingalls needed to hear in my opinion! Where is this all going?? WTF is John talking about ??? Well - we all have times of struggle with seemingly NO answer as to why- sometimes we make a mess and have to sleep in that bed. Well, I have come to a conclusion- whatever God you believe in- whether it be in the power of the human being , Old Ways , Christian etc- it does not matter- and personally I could care less- because either that deep inner voice within - that tremendous strength that we all hold- or that faith that some God out there has in us- our abilities- tells us- we can do it- to me- I believe that we all hold the power to achieve and over come anything ahead of us- no matter how big or how small- and that if there is a God out there- that he or she has the faith in us and our abilities to overcome that he or she allows these things to happen becasue we can handle it- and that we have the chance to rise above and be  a beacon of light to others ! How do we know that someone may be seeing us an inspiration- and now they see us struggle- and wait to see how we handle it ! We have all known folks that we admired ,even quietly , and saw them rise above a situation that encouraged us within- so maybe that is the reason bad things happen ,even to good people ! Bad folks have bad things all the time- so why would that be news??? When bad things happen to good folks- it makes news becasue it is shocking- and tragic- but also a lesson to be strong- even in the utmost hardest possible situation- and to move forward- even when energy or will seems like it has left us- to live the way our kids will see us as heroes - and be proud! We ALL have what it takes- even in those times of bombardment of problems- so- remember- bad things will happen to EVERYONE- and everyone has the chance to find that hideous strength within to conquer and take over that world of problems and rule the day! So- thats is- all from a cool talk with Erica and Amber- and a little nudge from the Ingalls family- maybe this will make sense to some or one of you- maybe most will see this as a vain rambling- maybe some will say "that horrordude" is wise (whatever lol hahahaaa)- maybe one of you- will see that the pain that resides in your neck and ass is really a chance for you to be the hero (even if to just yourself)- and get through it (and maybe no one will even notice!)- but you will know you did it- and that you are that great person- had a shit storm rain on you- but you got through it- and now- you can move on! Well- thanks folks- to those who took time to read this- and for being a part of my blog- and my life-THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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