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Oh my- this film hit home in a few ways- a movie of interviews so to speak- a video document of a trio of young girls who found the path to true evil. The path to committing the evilest of all acts. MURDER! Why do I say the most evil act?? Life is sacred- life is revered- life is “holy” - to snuff it without care, without any scruples, to take that innocent life- is vile and the very heart of evil.

Manipulation! Now this is about as evil as murder- to make a person feel so powerless that they will do anything that is asked by the Manipulator. WITHOUT QUESTION!

Evil and manipulation- what a dangerous combination. So it shall be , being under Ravens Wing. The mere though of questioning is asking for a guilt laden diatribe of how there’s should be NO questions-now that is FEAR of the kind that leads to unspeakable acts and complete submission.

Why this hits home- there are so many people who flirt with the line of morality and immorality- and we have all met someone like that! The selfish, the greedy, the megalomaniacs of this world. The power whores, the people who speak for you with out your true thoughts being spoke.

Raven- its interesting how a Raven in so many mythologies can be either a warning , an omen, a respected creature for the power it has (not unlike how the Hindu think of the Cobra) and thus work in communal ways because it is nature-

Raven- amazingly portrayed by Kimberly Amato- a wonderful young actress, a wonderful person- who is so different then anything raven could be or desire to be. She truly had to act to be this evil, corrupter of the innocent. She is real- she lives in this world; she is someone we have met. She is the person that gives you bad vibes- the girl that not just your mother but your friends alike warned you off. Is she beautiful , yes- is she enticing perhaps, yes, is she “eye candy” for the guys- yes- for the girls- yes. Does she give a shit? NO! She uses her charisma to enthrall to impressionable, angry, depressed young girls- into a world as innocent as the Goth world. The world that is all black clothes, dark dreary music. Nothing bad in itself- actually a neat scene- but the nightmares some bands, some books, some Goths speak of, are real and true to Raven. So true- she has left this planet called sanity. She has a desire to commit the ultimate deed of evil and “transcend” an innocent person to the 1st dimension- because she loves them and they don’t deserve to live this world of hate and misery.

The young gals, being interviewed by a young man who is very curious about the story that they may have committed murder - are seeing that Raven may not be quite right. They are seeing that they may not be able to live a life of this darkness. One who tries hard to be the bad girl, the one that if she found courage in herself would run away from it- far away! Yet she has Ravens claws dug deep within her psyche and soul she cannot run away. She is powerless and afraid- the two things Raven is so good at making one feel. The other- she is rebelling- and fighting society and fighting herself.
The interviewer- seriously wants to know- also becomes enticed by the rebellious girls , and sees that they are more then innocents that have been drawn to darkness but also someone that he may entice into his own sexual delusions. He is wrapped up into understanding the mind of evil that Raven embodies - that engrosses him so much that he fears his own life may be in danger.

The victim- the young man- the prey from the bar- the one who was trying to get back on his feet winds up flat on his back- with promises of a night of sex with 3 gorgeous women- a fantasy he has only dreamt of- now not only on his back ready for sex- but vulnerable beyond word- then the crushing blow- then the life is whisked away into a vapor. He never knew what hit him.

The psychotic Raven, the two girls she found open to anything, now have no life left. This is the sadness of the story- this is the tragic ending of a life that has lost itself - this is the living that is NOT living. This is the evil that Raven is.

This is the film- this is the greatness this is- to see the beginning to the end- to see the power one has over another. To see the twisted mind at work. This is a piece of film that needs to be seen- to see how people can be, yes even in real life. The film to see that you NEVER turn yourself over completely to a person- your soul, your mind- your will and desire, your conscience.
Watch and see, are you caught in “Ravens” claws- and now being sheltered by her wings? Do you still own yourself- do you still have the power in your own life to see the reality of things- and not fall to someone delusions?

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  1. this sounds like it was inspired by a true case in Australia I saw on Deadly Women.