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First- I want to thank Brigid for taking time out to do this interview for me- I have truly enjoyed being able to converse with her on Facebook and hear about her projects and her passions in life. I am "blessed" to have her as a friend and wanna give this a big shout out to her - "HERE'S TO YOU BRIGID-THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS!!"

So with all that being said and done- lets get this ball rolling- :-)

JG -Gymnastics? Were you a gymnasts ? Why not now? Bartender-
what is your favorite drink- what is your specialty to make??

BM -I was not a gymnast myself ... though, I was a cheerleader. However,
with six years of gymnastics training, I did teach gymnastics in
Zionsville, Indiana (boys team) ... but, I do like to tumble.

Favorite drink to make ... Long Island Iced Tea (rum, gin, vodka,
triple sec, sweet and sour, and a splash of Coke) ... and, most people
around here make it wrong. A Long Island does not have tequila .. that
would be a Texas Tea!

JG- Wicca - awesome- what brought you to this belief? How do you feel
Wiccans are portrayed in today's horror genre?

BM -I have always felt a connection to all things natural. I have always
loved gardens, being outdoors, camping, etc. ... still do! I was
raised in a church-going family ... but, I never really connected with
it. Though, I do believe Christianity, like all major religions, teach
great values ... I always found myself connecting with things in
nature. Plus, I learned that most current holidays are based on
ancient pagan celebrations ... Christmas - Yule, Halloween - Samhain,
Easter - Eostre. Bringing evergreens into the home in the winter ...
pagan, jack-o-lanterns ... pagan, coloring eggs in the spring - pagan,
etc. I spent many years just kind of doing my own thing ... but, in
high school, I spent some time exploring black magic ... BIG MISTAKE.
Anything you put out there comes back on you. I quickly walked away
from that and focused on white magic ... fertility spells for couples
who cannot have kids, financial spells for people in need, etc. Now, I
am part of a very rich pagan community in southern Indiana ... I have
my "congregation". If anyone needs some good tarot done ... ;)

Paganism was originally treated as farcical ... Wizard of Oz,
Bewitched, and even Witches of Eastwick. The 1960s saw a huge
insurgence of black magic films ... particularly from Hammer (i.e.
Satanic Rites of Dracula). More recently, films have taken a more
direct approach of dealing with paganism as a subject matter (The
Craft, Five Girls). However, the focus has still been very dark.
Unfortunately, this leaves the viewing audience with a distorted view
of paganism. I have people accuse me of drinking blood and sacrificing
babies ... seriously! The foundational premise of Wicca is "Harm
None". There have, though, been some brief moments of clarity in
films. A great example is in Trick r' Treat and the discussion of the
origin of Halloween ... or ... Samhain. I would, personally, love to
see a film take on a story rich in pagan culture ... be it Wicca,
druidism, shamanism, asatru, etc. There is a lot of fascinating stuff
there ... and, it does not need to be sensationalized!

JG -What films have you been in ? I know about Psycho Street “Lewis” and
I do believe in Crestfallen short!

BM -Lethal Obsession 2010
Roses 2010
Lewis (Psycho Street) 2011
Crestfallen 2011

JG-Do you have any plans on any cons this year or next?

BM -Well ... of course ... HorrorHound Weekend ... I go to EVERY one of
those. I get to work with the celebrities, which is SO exciting. I
have worked with Harvey Stevens (Damien from the original "Omen"...
let's hope none of that ends up on youtube!!!), Slavitza Jovan (Gozer
from Ghostbusters), Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), William Atherton
(Ghostbusters, Die Hard), Denise Nickerson (Violet from the original
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Amy from Dark Shadows series),
Michael Biehn ... and have had some great times with Corey Haim (RIP),
Cory Feldman, James Duval, and Luke Goss. ( We went to Fright Night
Film Festival in 2011 ... loved it. I will probably go back in 2012.
I have been looking into other conventions, and will definitely let you
know where I will end up!

JG -Are there any projects you are or will be working on?

BM -Headless (Found) - post production ... This is a great film by Scott
Schirmer and Leya Taylor. VERY disturbing content ... lots of gore!!!
I lose my head!!!

Antibodies (Psycho Street) - pre-production ... This is the final short
in the Psycho Street anthology. This is going to be shot in my
hometown (Columbus, Ohio). Produced by the amazing Marv Blauvelt and
directed by the very talented Patrick Desmond.

Trance - pre-production
Emily - pre-production ... Trance and Emily are both micro shorts
written and directed by Jeremiah Kipp. I met Jeremiah when I did
Crestfallen. This guy is AMAZING. He also directed the upcoming The
Sadist with Tom Savini ... and, was also 1st Assistant Director on I
Sell the Dead!

Wolf Doll - pre-production ... This will be part of an upcoming
anthology ... well ... actually ... it will be a Lycanthology! Oh ...
werewolves!!! This will be shot here in Bloomington, Indiana with
MuscleWolf Productions.

Demo - pre-production ... OK ... this one is going to be beyond belief.
An old school monster movie ... reminiscent of 1950s drive in horror.
We will be shooting most of this in actual catacombs!! CANNOT WAIT!

JG -What is your favorite horror movie?

BM -Hhhmmm ... Poltergeist, Amityville Horror (the original),

JG- If you had the chance to choose the film that you wanted to always
do- NOT horror- what would you want to do? Any particular actor or
director you'd like to work with?

BM -Definitely comedy ... something like Ace Ventura, Mrs. Doubtfire,
Princess Bride ... adventure films like Neverending Story (such a
fangirl!) ... or, action films like Pulp Fiction. Director ... Quentin
Tarantino ... I would do a laundry detergent commercial if he directed
it. Actors ... Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery (as long
as there was a love scene ... I don't care how old he is ...
ggrrrrrrr!), and John Travolta.

JG -What do you enjoy in your time off?

BM -You can find me often on Facebook ... and I love to chat with everyone!
But, my truest passion is music. I have sang in bands. My favorite
time was lead singer for Horny Goat Weed (which is also an herbal
supplement to increase women's libido!) We did a lot of Janis Joplin,
Stevie Nicks, Four Non Blondes, Cranberries, etc. I love the
classics!! And, I do love karaoke!! It is not unusual to find me
huddled around a couple people with guitars after hours at horror

JG - Now for a can of worms perhaps- but how do you feel about the state
of horror movie industry (big studio or indy films)

BM -Don't get me started on Hollywood horror!! Prequels, sequels and
remakes! REALLY!? I am very blessed that I get to see a lot of indie
horror ... and there is some brilliant stuff out there!! Filmmakers
who are making films to tell a story ... not to satisfy some corporate

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