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Okay - now I had heard nothing on this film before I received it, just knew the basics, the story of a couple of serial killers , a psuedo documentary! I was not sure what to expect otherwise. I thought it would be interesting , and in the style of Grave Encounters or even like a Paranormal Activity type thing. Well, I was wrong.

“Use the downstairs bathroom”

I would think, okay , fine- gotta take a shower somewhere. Not in this case- this is where the next innocent victim discovers the afterlife.

“maybe add a few pictures on the walls”

Scene- the Kill Room- the place where folks meet the infamous Grim Reaper. A place that pictures could make more serene- more calming! Not this time , the killer wants to make the victim feel every ounce of pain, have NO peace or calm as they are tortured and killed!

Have I got your interest yet??? Good !! Wayne and Andrea Montgomery are two suburban folks. Wayne has the preppie look of khakis ,socks and tennis shoes . Andrea just the typical suburban style. They have lived outside the city for quite sometime- very nice people, the “ could you water my plants and feed my dog while I am gone for a week” folks. Little do you know- they are vicious killers- and they love to lure innocent folks to their home and have a glass of home made ginger ale, and then tortured and killed.

This pseudo documentary does something very unique , Wayne loves to film his kills ,heck even his prey as he stalks them. This isn’t the shocking part- this film is made up from their own home videos- taken as they eat , talk with their kids, ride in car, stalk , incapacitate ,torture and kill. He is so normal when he meets folks, and sways them into coming with him because he will help them with what ever their situation is . I would find him sincere and helpful also- then next thing you know I would have a cheese grader against my family jewels and heck even a nail gun against my temple! Tortured , prolong torture to the point you wish you would just die. This creepy film is so real, I can only imagine a real couple of sadistic psychos- discussing very candidly and with such calm about what cheese grader side he wants to use on a young mans genitals ,what effect each side would have on the flesh , would it clog the grader or the “meat “ just fall off the grader. Oh and may I add- that if he doesn’t like the way one side works, he can try the other on another guy latter and compare the wounds and flesh. All with the calm and peaceful demeanor of Pat Sajack, so peaceful , so inquisitive and so “youth group minister “ like.

The filming is brillant- makes it so real in the way the cameras would be if it was REAL homemade video. In colour and some goes kinda black and white- shakey but not like in Blair Witch , and it engrosses you to the fullest extent! One scene- my wife came in and saw it and wondered where I got this REAL footage- thought it was something off of Forensic Files or something - it really looks that real!

This film is touted on the cover as brutal , one of the most disturbing , instant classic , very effective , terrifying to a level that most indie horror only dream of achieving. Would I agree - yes!!! I 100% agree. I say this because of the ‘real” feel it gives that makes it so disturbing because you feel like your watching real found tapes of real killers. They psychotic lives they live.

I was so convinced by the acting also , Paul and Barbara , how they did this , I don’t know. I would have nightmares after filming this . How they pulled off such genuine acting to the point it did NOT appear as acting-it appeared they really were killers. Just thinking about it creeps me out. This puts my mind in position to think of questions to ask them about this experience in doing this film. How did it effect them or did it ??? All I can say is that they nailed it. They convinced me , they scared my wife to point she knew it was real footage.

I don’t know what else to say- except this- be prepared to be shocked , and disturbed , but it is worth a watch. No , its not gorey , has some blood but not hardcore gore, not a lot of swearing , no nudity that I can recall. The fear factor comes in the form of the character of evil and the convincing portrayal the stars did in this film. Will I watch it again- yes- but not over and over because it is so real- but when I know I can handle it again- I will gladly watch again .

The end result of believing thier trust-

There are sick people in this world- and this helps us to remember, you cant always judge a book by its cover- becasue this suburban family- the cookie cutter appearance of white bread conservative family- may not be that- instead- they are monsters. They dont- they didnt hide under your bed- they loved next door, they lended you a hammer if you needed it. You gave them flour when they asked to borrow the cup for some holiday baking. While all along, the dude that looks like Manson down the street gets all the stink eye- gets all the criticism- little did you know that the sweet couple down the street were killing innocence-

this is one other thing that makes this an amazing film- and also makes it creepy-

and also makes it a goldmine of classic horror- the scary calm and cool , sweet ,kind, ever willing help monsters that share our communities!

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