Monday, October 3, 2011


Well I have been told that some folks like to hear rants and raves on horror ,so here I go- on the real horror- so pardon my soap box- pardon my anger- but this is REAL horror!
I dont want anyone feeling sorry for me- its just helps put into perspective if you know the background-but I have been trying for almost two years to find extra work- went 5 months without work at all last year- and now- I have a whooping 10 hours work a week- so here I am trying my damnedest to find supplemental work. I go and look and find requirements for the job - and I meet at teals the minimum of what they ask for- I apply- what I get back- OVER QUALIFIED- I apply for a job where I dont meet the requirements- I get UNDER QUALIFIED-try to work at a fucking Walmart- anything- tons of openings and yet cant get hired- why??? Dont I speak less enough English??? Am I not ethnic enough??? WTF ???? It really pisses me off when we as a country refuse to help our own people- instead we ship jobs over seas- to save a buck or to hear that lame ass excuse of "we must help others, and these jobs will help them tremendously"- maybe so- but when there are millions looking for work here and you screw them out of a place to work! We have families- we want to provide for- but you fuck us-what the hell? They dont give a shit about us- all the corporations want is more money for their billion dollar pockets- these damn oil companies saying prices have to go up because they are losing money yet they show a billion dollar profit?? I wish I had that problem- man I wish I did! This to me is TRUE HORROR- the way people treat people- the way the "care takers " neglect their own people- its true- as the Good Book says- GREED is the root of evil- and the way you treat people . I just want some more work- that all I ask- someone have some balls and let this American Young Male work- fuck- if I had 16-20 more hours I would dance like a spazz on speed- its good to help others-the less fortunate- but there are some folks who may not be as "less fortunate" who need help also- to neglect them , deny them, is a horror in itself- I am part of the backyard of America- but as we all know- we tend to now give a shit about our own backyard- and find out that a man like me has its own prejudices against him- "must be something wrong with him" if he isnt working full time so we dont want that-anyways- rant #1-
next time- rant on actual horror movies or something-

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