Thursday, October 6, 2011


If you know me in real life- or more then just the casual friend- you know my heart resides in the 80's- and I am a huge music geek as well with horror movies! Does anyone else ever feel out of place in this time? You hear of folks that "would fit in *blank* era" - well , me - that is the 80's- I feel so out of place in these days and times- maybe this is what people mean by saying "stuck in the 80s"- I know the time had its own share of problems in the world- harsh and unstable- threat of war- but it seemed like people still felt optimistic- and creative- I hear the music- and it takes me to a place where I feel homesick for-and a place for me that is still innocent-and pure in its own strange way! Maybe I am a grown up who wishes he had never grew up- the ultimate Peter Pan Syndrome- IDK- anyone else ever feel this way? Anyone else ever get teary eyed over hearing a song that reminds them of a time and place that they loved so much- it sucks to hear Alphaville sing Forever Young or hear OMD sing some of the early pop tunes- hell- When in Rome singing "the Promise"-
maybe I need a flux capacitor and a Delorean- and go back to the "future"

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