Saturday, October 1, 2011


Julie Anne

John Ginder – What was the first thing that got you hooked into the acting world ? Why did you choose to do that over dancing ? Do you do dance still ?

Julie- I started out doing alternative modeling, and once I turned 18 I got into working as a spokesmodel for Troma studios at the Orlando horror conventions. I was drawn to pursuing acting, but had no formal training. I eventually got up the nerve to audition, and ended up getting the lead in a feature called Teen Zombies in Love, and also a supporting in a short that is part of the anthology Slices. You can actually buy Slices online, and also view it on netflix. I prefer acting because I have full range of creative expression and performance. I love to dance, but I don’t do it professionally. Once I started acting I never stopped, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

JG – What kind of films would you love to do besides horror films? What would be your dream role ? Any stars you would die to act with or any director that would make your acting career complete?

Julie – Action, I love stunt work, fight training, anything with weapons. Anything that keeps me active, and where I can learn a skill, and feel like I truly worked my body out as well as my mind. My dream role is just something that involves all of the above, something strong, and of course twisted. Any director that believes in what they do, has an honest talent, and who will be supportive and admirable in the process!

JG – What projects are you working on at present ? Any plans on conventions or films in near future ?

Julie – I have a handful that are coming out this fall. As Night Falls starring Debbie Rochon, Raine Brown, Deneen Melody. Zellwood starring Playboys Sara Jean Underwood. No Strings 2 Starring Penthouse Pet Anju McIntyre, Damien Collettii, Max Wasa. Another episode of Dr.G: Medical Examiner airing in September. I have a film i’m working on for the SyFy channel which will air around Halloween, a HUGELY AMAZING project called Dead Buzz, some really amazing work out in Chicago which I can’t share yet. I have work on a couple projects in October and November, along with a by Joe Hollow, which will feature just outstanding cast members from all ends of the horror community. As far as conventions I have one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then Spooky Empire in Orlando, Rock and Shock, HorrorHound. I have three others to confirm with, but that’s what is set in stone right now.

JG – What would you do if you could not do any more acting?

Julie- I will be going back to school to continue my Crime Scene Technician certification, and then on to a degree in the same field. I won’t be slowing down my acting though!

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