Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Bikini Monsters
Director- Terence Muncy
Starring : Melanie Robel , Cyndi Crotts , Sara Maas ,Brad Guerrie , Anthony Wayne and more

In a secluded laboratory just off the Florida coast a scientist works feverishly on his grizzly experiment. Known by local transients only as "the beach bum"
He has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate expression of beauty, a mermaid.
In the wake of his dark obsession is a trail of test subjects left horrifically twisted and mutated abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen.... until now.
As the experiment continues, detective Elizabeth Wayne opens an investigation into the disappearance of several local women and their ultimate fate.
Aided by Marine biologist Craig Hoffman and Mike Shelton detective Wayne must play the final gambit to lure her nemesis from hiding and use herself as bait.
( from the official cover of the box)

This film was fun- it reminded me a lot of the campy feel of the 50’s and 60’s camp drive in horror sci fi films! I feel this film was done out of fun , and for the mere fact of just doing it ! That , in my humble opinion, is a damn good way to make a film- just enjoy and have fun! It brings back thoughts of watching Island of Dr. Moreua , a little different , due to trying to make a mermaid type creature , not just mixing and messing with animal and human genes.

The actors- well- they all have the “good looking “ look about them- of course the monsters looked great ! How could anyone complain about seeing Melanie , Cyndi , Sara , and the other gals in bikini’s ?? I know I for one- would NOT complain one bit , ever! I would not say though that the acting is academy award worthy- but I don’t think it was intended to- and that is not meant to disrespect the stars at all- I just see it as a film where it was simply a fun thing to do- and have an interesting story , hot babes and just a “breather” from the norm of sci fi and horror today. Today its so dark , gorey , intense , and sometimes we need a breather from that and this was just that.

The filming was campy also- just like the acting , but I find this to be charming and a relief from seeing folks who try and act to the point of over acting in simple films that are meant to entertain and not really out there for the ‘claiming of the awards” !

So- there you go- kick off the shoes- get some popcorn and a soda- set back- and enjoy some good ole fashion creature feature- what a breath of fresh air- enjoy- and get a break from the harshness and stress of life and have a chuckle !!

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