Sunday, October 30, 2011

some thoughts- maybe a cool chat or discussion

Okay- how is this for some food for thought?? How does our sociological or anthropological status effect our our viewing pleasures?? What I mean is this- through my interviews , networking and horror fans and friends- it appears that a lot of fans etc come from a small town, or midwest type roots- imagine the real Children of the Corn -lol ! Do you think the area-the isolated areas of living- bring out the thoughts of adversaries (such as demons , ghosts , Jason etc)- when was last time there was a person born and raised in NYC and they love horror because they can imagine Freddy roaming Wall Street ? Hope this makes sense! Also- our place in life- lets say we were diagnosed with leukemia as a child- and really got into horror- could the subconscious be showing the battle that the body id facing against an adversary (cancer)- like a young kid facing off with the axe wielding maniac- and having to find the "one thing" they need inside to conjure up to defeat this cancer in guise of a person killing- as in the body having to find that one thing to fight off the sickness. Hmmm- I know it isnt always a deep thing- sometimes horror is just that- a horror movie- but what if there is a challenge? Literally or symbolically ??!! Any thoughts ??


  1. I know for me, horror is very therapeutic. When terrible things happen to me or those I love - I try to manipulate the situation by putting it into a script or something because then I have control over it.

    There's a certain level of celebration of overcoming all obstacles in horror. You can survive things that still leave their mark on you - what better way to put that into the fantastical than creating a monster that a single person, often a small girl, can not only survive but defeat?

    I think those feelings are universal. But there are different places that celebrate it and other's that feel it is not a proper artistic expression. That can often be due to geometric locations and small minded folks.

  2. true- very true- I just find this whole thought very interesting- how the "everyman " or "everywoman" can defeat the "evil" - they really are a lot like the old myths of the hero defeating the dragon- or serpeant!

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