Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Wireface - The Beginning 2011
Starring - Cindy Maples , Joshua Loren , Chrissy Joy ,Renae Amber , John Schockley , Joe Chrysler and more!
Directed by Kristofer Allen Rommel
Written by : Merit Alexander
Running time approx 20 minutes

This was awesome- I really enjoyed this short and I am very anxious for the feature length. The story of a man who through set back after set back- tragedy after tragedy – finally stands on the edge and stares into his own deep pit of insanity, and makes a choice- a choice that introduces Wireface to the world.

Joshua Loren did a remarkable job at playing Xavier Paris – and man who become known as Wireface. His ability to show his anguish as it grabs him like the barbs on barbwire- and tangle him up in his psyche and his spirit- to the point that he crosses that line to a dark world of a killer, the transformation of his mind to the mind of a killer. He killed this role- he mastered the role- he brought a tear to my eye to see him fall into this abyss of despair!

Cindy Maples- geez- what can you say , she rocked her part also- the southern gal , she has the ability to bring life to her character ,make it believable and someone you could wish to know! She needs to have any of her works watched- this one will rock your socks off, and the feature length- will be amazing.
The whole cast- to be honest- was phenomenal ,they had excellent casting, folks who have passion about their craft- I am amazed at what a lot of the indy directors and actors are doing in the horror genre. You will NOT be disappointed!

This short- is the start – the Pre-Wireface- with the last shot as Wireface is unleashed on this small community. The things that brought this young man to this point in his life- the people he knew , he knows, and gets you acquainted with the town. This town just does not know what is in store for them.

I could go on and on- and I could give to much away- but that would take the fun out of it for you to watch this short! So I shall end this here- and find a way to see this- check out the website mentioned above and judge for yourself- and keep in your mind- how strong are you ??? How strong are you when your world comes crashing down, are you able to stare into that abyss and deal with that “dark passenger “ ( stolen from Dexter)- and face it down – or would you fall to its grasp and become a killer?

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