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I have to say , I listen to MP more then most of the 80s stuff I have! They are most definitely in my top 10 if not top 5 favs of the 80s ! Yes- I am gonna go there- (and all due respect to Lady Gaga)- but Dale Bozzio was doing the same stuff and more and more crazy in the 80s, so NO , I don’t think LG is anything special on her attempts of fashion- granted interesting fashion and she has guts- but in my humble opinion- Dale did it first- even before Madonna!! Okay I am through with that part!)

The band did a total of 3 albums together- the debut was the best ., 10 singles and 1 debut ep and several comps! They really had a knack at combining rock sensibility in guitar and great drums with the 80s synth sound, and made it fresh ,quirky and new! They were a scene to be seen in concert- tight ,loud and awesome and that does not include the outfits that Dale wore on stage! (anyone remember the whip cream top she wore- of course we know what happens when whip cream gets hot ,maybe this is why she got eh offer to “pose” in Playboy or was it Hustler??) ! They had quite the fashion sense in the combo also- rock with new wave!
Dale went on to do some solo stuff- the popular Simon Simon track , Warren Cuccurullo even went on to do some guitar for a band for 15 years called Duran Duran , Chuck Wild went on to do synth ambient work and new agey Steve Roach sounding stuff and also produced one of Christian rocks better 80s bands Vectors second album Please Stand By ,and Dales hubby Terry Bozio ( of Frank Zappa fame previously) went on to aid Robbie Robertson , Blondie ,the Knack and even Korn !) .Patrick O’Hearn , perhaps some of you know him- jazz and new age artist , tone of music! GOOGLE!!!

Enough of this- there are photos(most photos you find are of Dale! wonder why ??)and some videos - enjoy- and if you’re a late bloomer on Missing Persons- its never too late- they really are a good band- I have liked them more and more as I get older and see how good musicians they really are- and how quirky Dale really is with her voice- so enjoy- and maybe you will also be a fan!

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