Sunday, November 20, 2011


American Mary the VERY highly anticipated sophmore film by the most amazing and outstanding Twisted Twins of the wonderful country of Canada- Vancouver to be exact! Jen and Sylvia have got an awesome group of folks to be apart of this great film in the works- the cameras start rolling in about a week or so- and this film will be doing things only dreamed of in horror-NEVER been done- attempted, thought of perhaps, but NEVER done- so folks- get ready for this- Mary is gonna be quite the ride- and another cool point- already on docket for Cannes !!! My dear friend Jennifer Cooper has done an amazing job at pimping this movie out on her page so I am gonna include a link to it- because I could go on and on- and all I will be doing is repeating what she has done- and if she said it great- then dammit- give her credit- so here is this link- please go show it some love- and be ready for Mary to take this world by storm!

Now for doting- I am so proud to be a friend (not just a fan)- a long separated Brother to my friends- Jan and Sylvia- my heart always wishes the best and safety -inspiration and greatness for you two- I am always here for the both of you if you need anything- and I am proud of you for all your guiltiness and sincerity in who you are and what you do- this is what makes you two so damn radcore- so amazing! Makes me wanna belt out lines from Billy Idol songs for you!

Katharine Isabelle as Mary Mason
Antonio Cupo as Billy Barker
Tristan Risk as Beatress Johnson
David Lovgren as Dr. Grant
Paula Lindberg as Ruby RealGirl
Twan Holliday as Lance Delgreggo

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