Thursday, November 24, 2011


FRAYED (2007)
Director- Norbert Caoili and Robert Portmann
Starring -Tony Doupe ,Aaron Blakely and Alena Dashiell
4 out of 5 Stars

This is a little different of a review ! Why ??? I have a friend who is an avid horror fan who wrote a snippet for this review also- who knows- this could become a once in a while thing- the Dynamic Duo Reviews!! So let me introduce this other part of the equation! Meet Sapphire Harrow- she rocks- a good friend- a wonderful person all around and she loves horror, all kinds of horror ! So- with that being said- lets get the ball rolling!

Sapphires short and sweet review-
A sheriff's wife is murdered by his young son. Years later, that son escapes from a mental institution and goes berserk, beginning a killing spree of those who cross his path, including the family who left him behind....amazing and gruesome openings of any movie I've seen for awhile!!!
If you get the opportunity to see this film don't let is pass you by. You won't be disappointed.....twists, turns, surprises!!!...? ?

Johns short and sweet review-
I agree with what Sapphire said! Great story- and the acting is a little to be desired but that is also part of the charm. This film totally reminds me of the good ole days of late 70s and 80s slashers! In fact- this is what I feel Rob Zombies Halloween 2 could have been if it wasn’t so disjointed and no “white lady” (leave that to Lord of the Rings). If H2 wasn’t called that , and not made to be sequel / remake/ based on- and just pushed as a drifter psycho - this would be how it could have been. Good brutal and merciless killing- with a twist and that will NOT be spoiled! So- if you like old school slashers - check this out. It is well worth the view. I place this right along side of Laid to Rest- which is another great old school feel slasher! Maybe a sign of good things to come on this slasher front! We shall see! Go find this gem ,take a stroll down slasher lane , and remember the good ole days of the 80s and the terror those old killers gave us when we watched their sprees ! Enjoy!!

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