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Running time – 150 minutes

Rated – unrated

Star rating- ??? out of 5 stars- I choose ??? because how can one rate inspiration, creativity ,and innovation?
STARRING : Jim O’Rear , Bryan Wilson , Robert Englund ,Danielle Harris ,Tony Todd ,Cerina Vincent ,Tom Savini ,Scout Taylor Compton , Doug Bradley ,Debbie Rochon ,Lloyd Kaufman ,Ron Jeremy .Meinhardt Raabe ( archival footage- due to his unwillingness to not die two days latter ) and the list goes on and on- (talk about a star studded film- geeesh!!!)

Producers- Jim O’Rear , Bryan Wilson

Director – Jim O’Rear and Bryan Wilson

Trivia- did you know that this film was banned in Indiana,which helped spur it on as fan favorite at conventions world wide- or at least state side !!!

This film- this documentary – or should I spoil then fun and tell you it is a mockumentary ?  I will admit- at first- I fell for it- I was trying to figure if this was true- a real documentary- all based on what I knew at the time about Jim and the rest of cast as well as that the film is done so well that it is hard to tell whether it is real or a mock documentary! So with that being put on the table- KUDOS JIM AND BRYAN for “hook line and sinker” on this horrordude- lol !

I was able to chat a bit about this with Jim at the Paranormal Fest in Indianapolis this past November – and was able to find out it is partially fake as well having some factual things in it- based on an old show- but NOT the show portrayed in the film. It is done in same manner as the awesome mockumentaries that the genius Christopher Guest has done with his films (Spinal Tap ,Best in Show ,A Mighty Wind , and Princess Bride ) . I was amazed and I laughed so much !

Going back to the roots – the beginnings of their careers , to a public access TV show- that single handly started / pioneered the “reality TV” craze (to which is heavily apologized for by Jim and Bryan ,and I personally forgive them for they “knew not what they did” at the time) . I saw them as pioneers in the film, of the ‘to hell with the FCC and so forth- a TV version of Howard Stern . The stars came out in hordes to be on the show-to be apart of something that was so innovative and “didn’t suck”-to put their two cents worth in on how incredible UE was- the list is a long as it feels it is taking to write this (which is longer then one can possibly fathom). All one has to do is go to the IMDB page and see all the cast and credits- and you will be amazed at all the folks who generously gave of their time to be a part of this incredible tribute ,this documentary on such an amazing show- a show that is only matched in its “forefront” ways as Twilight Zone was for Sci Fi and Fantasy , as Star Trek was for equality of the people on TV , as X Files and Twin Peaks were for their shere ability to raise the shock factor up not just a few bars but to a whole level not yet seen on TV. This is all one needs to know to see the importance of this film- to see it for yourselves- what this little known show- UE – was and what it meant for your TV today- Jim and Bryan ARE the reason that so much of todays shows DON’T suck because of the bar raised for creativity , well except reality TV bullshit.

I could go on and on about all it did for TV- all that it did to bring forth TV that makes you happy today- about how today it still does NOT get the credit that its due- so – folks- find this film. Yes, I do believe one can find it on Amazon, if not- let me know ,and I will find you a source to buy this film- it will change your life- it will inspire you- it will let you see how and why TV is the way it is today in no SMALL thanks to Jim and Bryan and the courage they had to live on that edge ,to feel the knifes blade as they slide down that slippery slope to bring us UE and change out viewing forever. If Freddy , Candyman, the King of Porn, Uncle Lloyd , the God of Special Effects ,The cutest little gal ever to grace the screen in the Halloween franchise and in Chromeskull , If Wesley from Star Trek NG and Eureka says it doesn’t suck- how can one argue with those endorsements? Hell ,even Tarzan said it ruled ! Need I go on?? I didn’t think so !

BUY BUY BUY THIS VIDEO- be apart of the millions that love it so dearly- and live a life inspired by the courage to live their dream- THANK YOU JIM AND BRYAN- for boldly going where no TV show had gone before-

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