Monday, November 12, 2012

Paranormal Fest and Underground Horror -Indianapolis 2012

Paranormal Fests Underground Horror - Indianapolis November 9-10 2012

Well folks—I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this weekend! I figured I would have a nice time and have a good chance to chill and meet some folks Let me say this- I really enjoyed myself-  and the folks at No Boundaries Media Entertainment- Randy Hubbard – the gentleman I was able to chat with a bit about getting into this show- did a wonderful job on this event!
This is gonna be a little different- I will put a little written here but give a more in depth review via audio! That being said- here are some of the wonderful things that happened during this 2 day , small quaint “family get together” –
Folks that spoke- the Booth Brothers  ( ) – film and documentaries directors- as well as paranormal investigators , Cassidy Rae ( model , actress and paranormal investigator ) – Scott Tepperman and Paul Bradford  of Ghosthunters International , Aron Houdini ( Magician extradoinnaire ) , Michael Koske and Triston Johnson ( walkers from the hit Walking Dead!!) – and there was a lot more then just those!
There will be several interviews to be posted including the Walkers , John Dugan , Kat Klockow , Jim O’Rear and more- so stay tuned!!!!

Below is the audio part- after the photos!!!

Music brought to you by the ORIGINAL Misfits- "Horror Business" !!



  1. Hi, I saw that an advertisement for, " Paranormal underground fest" in Indianapolis. I can't find any info., are they no longer doing it or is there an event or related event happening? I would really appreciate any information that you know of. Thanks so much!

  2. Amia -- thank you for finding my page !! From what I have understaood - they are no longer doing them - at least not in Indianapolis - I think the organizer had bad health issues and could not do them anymore- I wish they could- I had a blast - TY so much again for commenting and finding my page- I really do appreciate it !! John Horrordude