Monday, November 19, 2012


My friends – we all have something obvious in common- a love for horror movies! We may also have a common point in that one of the most revered films being Halloween! Well I had the honor of being able to go and be apart of Horrorhound weekend that the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis- now to add icing on the cake- there were every Michael Myers that were in the franchise films that Jamie was in- as well as little Tommy Doyle ! That’s not all- Tom Adkins , and Adrienne Barbeau! Need less to say- people were jazzed- the energy was amazing- people all excited about meeting and getting photo and autograph of Jamie Lee. I know the prices were steep- for both- and some even bought the big freaking $$$ VIP package- but I heard very little griping about the cost- I think that the reason is because it’s a once in lifetime thing at a horror convention to meet Jamie Lee- and also- the proceeds from the autographs and photos ( I think )- went to the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles for cancer research- so- money well spent in to help kids beat cancer. The coolest thing ,this was all Jamies idea- her stipulation to come here- to Indianapolis- my beloved city and grace us all with her amazing self! This was an amazing event- and I had a blast-as well as others I saw there.
Well- needless to say- this post is about the celebs who were there- and another one will be up about the vendors and fans- to which were also awesome ! 

One question that kept coming to mind and I asked about everyone I met from Halloween ,Fog,Prom Night and Terror Train- was this- did anyone ever think that after all these years that people wouldflock here to be apart- that the films would be remembered? The same answer- from everyone- was NO! Most even said- at least all the Michaels did , (paraphrased)- “if they were remembered after 5 years we would have been surprised and happy” ,here we are in 2012- and lines long enough to make the wait be a couple hours- in batches ! I was simply amazed- I was in awe and I couldn’t help but feel happy for the celebs being there and seeing them have looks of astonishment- and smiles of joy that they were fortunate enough to be apart of this weekend and apart of an amazing franchise and or to be able to act with a woman who became such an icon! I was impressed at how humbled the celebs were-how humble and kind they all were- and how they made me feel like I was a new friend, or a reunion with an old friend! I want to thank the lovely Adrienne Barbeau for the best damn hug of the whole weekend- she gave such a ‘real” ,such a genuine hug-you could just feel the vibe of happy and gladness ,the sincerity ! 

I also had the honor of chatting with Kelly Curtis- Jamie Lee’s sister. She was filming for an documentary about the event for Jamie- and we got to visit for a few- ( I got interviewed by her!!), hug, agree we are both horror nerds, and fist bump. She was wonderful- and I can only imagine the lucky ones who got to meet Jamie- if she was remotely close to Kellys kindness- she had to rock! 

I guess you can tell I rate this event high! Id give it a 5 outta 5- and even though I didn’t get the photo or autograph ticket- to be around the crowd ,the energy, and to meet and chat a bit with the Michaels and more was awesome and made the weekend well worth it!

I hope you all enjoy the photos ( including the far away Jamie Lee ones, thanks Jason for letting me get a few shots for the page!)- and there is more on my facebook page- (go to lost in the 80s music and horror old and new , it should pop up- like the page-and leave me some comments!)

Oh Folks - there is so much more to show you- so many more worthy stars - please take a look at my like page on facebook- it will have all the photos-
part two to this will be done asap- more on the vendors , stars , fans etc- and the line up of the panels etc!

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