Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Folks- I  had the awesome honor of checking out this awesome web series by Scott Perry and Jeremiah Kipp and some big help from Mike Polizzi also!! The ROCK this web series! I so hope if and when you are able to view these 6 short episodes- you will do so, they are VERY original, fun, creepy, spooky, funny,- geeez- everything- I thoroughly enjoyed them!

This review will go through each individual episode- so- with NO further waiting- here I go!

Episode 1-Monophobia - Fear of Being Alone
Starring- Debbie Rochon (million of titles lol ) , and David Maranick (from Ghosts)

My,what can I say??? Debbie,plays a psycho gal,fears being alone, and poor David,the date who finds out too late how afraid she really is !
They both do an awesome job at thier rolls- and the line' give me sexy face" - oh I am sure her mom will like that! lol
so- to avoid any spoilers- you all- just go watch!!!


Episode 2 - Podophobia - Fear of Feet
Starring -Xiomara Citron ( from Ghosts) and Alejandro Santoni

Geez- what a cool episode- how some 'closeness" brings out a trauma- that runs very deep- and Xiomara does remarkable as does Alejandro. Beware of the feet folks- you just never know!! lol

Feet are strange appendages- some folks like them some dont- and it seems that those who dont, REALLY dont. So the mere thought of thier feet being touched, played with, cuddled, or used in a manner of physical pleasure- can be very disturbing to some.
Episode 3- Selenophobia- Fear of the Moon
Starring -Louisa Ward and Mike Lane ( Insatiable)

well- maybe a new way to use metaphor for the "woman out late and meeting dangerous people"- people can be real animals, and sometimes they take big advantage of innocent people. So Louisa- she finds out- and her husband is forced into a very precarious predicament - one shot at glory ? Facing the monster within? See for yourself!

Episode 4 -Thanatophobia - Fear of Death
Starring- Suzi Lorraine (Won Ton Baby) and Damien Colletti

dare I say- a penalty of hard party life- drugs and the whole scene- hmmm-you can almost feel like you are there with them, the crazy hard life of drugs ! Waking up here- hope you brought a pillow ! Damien and Suzi both did excellent- as I said above- they draw you in- and you "live" with thier style-
Episode 5- Apehephobia - Fear of Being Touched
Starring Kelly Rae LeGault

I was thinking how this had such an arty feel - very surreal- a bad dream if you hate the touch factor ! Imagine being touched by a bunch of hands that are from nowhere , and no face can be seen- and you hate the feel of the violation they can bring- and no face to put the fear to.Now dont get all touchy about this episode-lol ! Just view- and see where it takes you- in your comfort zone of touch- and your perhaps fear of!
Episode 6 - Achluophobia - Fear of the Dark
Starring - Raine Brown (Barricade)

One gorgeous RAINE-Y night- lol- I had to go there- but this episode does deal with Raine, and dark (night)- I love times when there are blackouts, even though I wonder what would happen if we lose our electronics, Id go through withdraw, but yet ,the blackout brings me to a point of remembering simpler times, and even the spooky times of being a kid in the dark! What if in the dark- our lanterns, candles, start going out one by one-and no reason for it??? This would go from an mere oddity to a down right creepy freaky occurance- to a point- once all dark,of utter fear! So- beware of the dark- and keep one eye open,and enjoy Raine in an amazing role!

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