Thursday, August 30, 2012



DIRECTOR- James Cullen Bressack ( My Pure Joy , Theatre of the Deranged ,
Treasure Chest of Horrors etc.)

PRODUCER –James Cullen Bressack

Writers- James Cullen Bressack and Jarret Cohen
Psykik Junky Pictures

STARRING – Jody Barton, Nicholas Clark ,Greg Depetro , Debbie Diesel , Tim Moran , Ian Roberts ,Sloane Morgan Seigel , and Maggie Wagner


Hate Crimes- a very relevant topic today- the crazy people out there that believe in such a fanatical way or just have pure hate in their heart. We see this practically every day. The ones that really hit a nerve are these white supremists groups , the neo-nazis . The para- military groups that believe African Americans , Jews , homosexuals , and other minorities are evil and deserve to die .The shootings we see and hear about everyday now . Its sick- and its wrong- and it is a very relevant concern even today , with all the information out there, there still are folks who believe this way and just plain ole fashion hateful folks, the kind who don’t revere life at all !

This above- is what I was challenged with while watching this film . The second film by James , his first being My Pure Joy . I will give a little bit about this film, but I want you all to give this film a chance , and watch it for yourself. It will be hitting the festival circuit this year! As I was saying about the challenge this film brought is the reality that there are these “uneducated” folks still out there and they are just as hateful and mean as ever and we CANNOT forget that they do still exist ,no matter how small or great they are!

This film starts out with a home invasion – by some neo nazi group- and their complete terrorizing of a family that I perceive as being a Jewish family- ( I cant remember if they actually state that or not) . I find this to be a thriller , action film that brings out real horror based on the subject and the horror it shows is NOT watered down! I could go on and on about it- and it will give it away about the film. It is ,and not in a bad way , a predictable for most part film, but that does NOT change the impact- the best at showing the feeble mindedness of this groups since American History X (to me personally, that is a great compliment!) This is NOT a film for faint hearted- but it is a film that speaks volumes and yet stays as a film full of entertainment as a horrorfying film! I have seen and read about comparisons to the impact that August Undergrounds films made- and still do make- and the sheer brutality of the trilogy- this is easier to view then that- but what makes it hard- is the knowing that it is VERY realistic- and has happened and will happen !

I could go on and on about this film- and the lessons to learn, it IS more then entertainment – it can be viewed as entertainment, but the message is loud and clear. Its hard for me to just watch it as a film , I don’t know if I ever can , this type of message is to real to just not notice or put on back burner in order to see just as a movie. I still stand by that it can be seen as a entertaining film , I just personally cannot ! I send kudos to the whole crew in making this an awesome film and for being so bold to make it , and to make a film for us all to see and learn from ! James is definitely up and coming and has a knack for driving a point home and I look forward to what he brings next – and I am sure it will be amazing and intense !

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