Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well- yes- that is very true- sentimental - yes- that is me- and I am not ashamed of it one bit. I can get teary eyed over things that touch my soul , over the good things that humanity CAN do, seeing folks be good to one another(YES , EVEN THAT HAPPENS), and I can have my moments of clarity about the people around me and in the world.Some of you all know this about me ,mainly from private in-boxes or text messages. Some of you may just now be learning this about me- the Horrordude! Well- here where I say "if you dont like a horrordude being sentimental then delete yourself now" ! Well with all that being said- I just want to again- thank so many folks for the friendships we have , and the kinship we have. Friends that have supported me- stood by me- corrected me- chewed my ass when Ive been wrong about something (with a genuine care and love)-some have come to my defense- some have stood by silently and let me fight the battles life can bring. Some of these friends are my horror friends- some hate horror- but I want to publicly thank them for everything- for being a friend (in each of their own ways)- and even had the courage at times to just say -"John I have no idea what you should do"- that takes guts ! So- here I go- so many folks- so just humor me- and know that we may all not like each and every one of us- or even some of these friends may not like another of my friends- but get over it- all of you are equally important to me and have in some way- made me happy to call you friend-so (drum roll)- ahahahaa-
thanks to Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, Momma Soska,Melanie Robel ,Sapphire Harrow ,Char Hardin , Jennifer Cooper,Nadine L'Esperance, Maude Michaud, Nicole Kruex ,Lisa Occhionero ,Kathy Faye (aka Smiley) ,Sheila Ann Jordan, Fearless Farah , Megan Sacco , Adrienne Nelson Paine , Tina Pino ,Cyndi Crotts ,Sabrina Adams ,Nikki Poulin, Laura Dolby ( I know your married now lol),Rachel Landers , Cat Stone,Tamara Rose, Meredith Stone and yes- there are guys lol- hahahahaa-- Jerry Landers , Ric Knight , Ron Fitzgerald , Guy White ,Mark Hubbard ,Michael Stone and Scott Anderson. Some of these friends are old from younger years- and some are newer folks- but in some way shape or form- you have each- have made my life a little easier- a little brighter- no matter how trivial or how big , in some way- each and everyone of you have been there for me! I want to make sure you all know- that I thank you for that! I am proud to call you friend- today,tomorrow and way back when and just the other day! THANK YOU EVERYONE- I HAVE TRULY BEEN BLESSED- TO HAVE MET AND TO KNOW EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!


  1. Thanks for including me with this dynamite cast of men and women who have in some way been an inspiration, encouragement, motivator...or just someone to lean on in time of strife or sad time...I thank God everyday that you and I are friends and peers in this wonderful world of Indie Horror and my friend I just can't imagine a day without you in it. We have been there...and it sucked. XOXO's YOU ROCK SO DAMNED HARD JOHN GINDER...the EARTH SHAKES WHEN YOU WALK. :) Char

  2. omg-- Char--- this is amazing-- TY --- so many folks do everything they can to be miserable, to cause strife, to just make everyone's life harder- but you , and the folks above- have been just the opposite- I know we are not perfect- but I know that the folks above, have to me at least , have been sincere and do anything they can to make life good- and show support for me and others! Yourself included!!!

  3. Thanks my Darling! If you can keep up with my names then hey, that's great! I miss you and can't wait to see you guys in September! You're the best "brother" a girl could ask for!

    1. thank you sis-- your awesome- and a great sis !! TY Cant wait to you also!