Monday, September 21, 2015


well folks- I have some news for you !! Its with a lot of of thought, advice asking ,and soul searching , but , I

am going to be putting the Horrorfying Blog into a "operations suspended" mode- not done - not closing

shop- just so much happening right now. School is busier then crap ( going good , just very busy) ,my

paranormal group is busting out and it has me all spread thin , and feeling like I am not being fair to folks who
count on me with the blog. Its temporary - I love it to much not to have it - but I need to have a place where 

 I can breath right now ! I wanna thank Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska for being such amazing sisters to me , 

telling me that I come first over the blog , the family time , school , all that out weighs the blog . I really 

appreciate their support . I love you guys who have been there with me since day one- been avid 

supporters- and I cant thank you guys enough ! I just ask you all now to bear with me , it may be spring , 

may be summer ,but Horrorfying Blog will be back and running full steam ahead. not to brag - but it has 

5500 average monthly listeners, an average of 117 postings a year - that is a lot ! This is with school full time 

- family- and work ( when I can get hours !) , and my paranormal group doing more and more as time goes! 

IT WILL BE BACK- JUST BEAR WITH ME !!!! ( dont worry- I will share the heck outta stuff as usual -

 so dont think I wont- I will !! This is just about the blog !! ) Tshirts and stickers can still be had - so just let 

me know! THANK YOU GUYS A TON ! Hugs and love to my sisters Jen and Sylvia , I am grateful for 

your advice and support!

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