Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Darkrider Studios is proud to announce it's latest project Get Scared TV has launched on the
Roku player in over 5 million users homes across the world.

The Get Scared TV channel launched on Roku in Spetember 2013 and is now available free
of charge to all US Roku owners. Currently we are broadcasting to US households but we
plan to expand our service to the UK and other regions soon.

Channel co-creator Kitsie Duncan had this to say about why she wanted to create this
channel " I wanted to make a place where Indie Horror filmmakers could get their projects
seen by the masses. Having been a part of this scene for over 5 years now, I felt something
like this was needed." Duncan and co creator Tony Dennett plan to take submissions from
Indie Filmmakers shortly. The channel is free on Roku devices but will be adding advertising
soon to cover expenses. Right now the channel has a few listings from Darkrider Studios,
and their new flag ship show "Oddity Files" a Paranormal reality show that follows Duncan
and her crew through becoming a paranormal investigator.

Why did Darkirder chose streaming TV? Co-Creator Tony Dennett had this to say on the
matter " I feel that today many consumers are "cutting the cable" and getting their
entertainment from a variety of alternative sources. The number of homes that use smart
TVs, set top boxes and other devices to access web based entertainment is growing
exponentially. This is the new media that is going to, not replace per se, but augment the
entertainment and infotainment in homes across the globe. Get Scared TV is poised to take
advantage of this new market starting with our ROKU channel. We are also looking at other
major players such as Apple and Google to gauge where we should expand our market next.
This is an exciting time to be in the business of streaming entertainment and I look forward to
the rapid growth of our business model in the future."

September 16, 2013
Twitter: @getscaredtv

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