Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Folks—hate even having to say crap like this- but- I am again- maybe as forewarning or as a reminder and it is all in past I do not know- but I stand for NO drama on my page-from anyone- and I have deleted 3 people this year for bringing it on my page- and I will delete more if need be. Now- with all that being said- I believe after these past few years here- that you all- for most part- know me well enough to be able to say I am respectful, a gentleman, and treat EVERYONE fair and square and that I am polite etc.- this is NOT to brag or puff up my ego- but it has come to my attention- that maybe I need to speak up on something- so here it goes- I have been told a certain "Doll" has spread vicious rumors about me and should anyone need clarification into these allegations to contact me and not believe the ranting’s of woman with her own issues. Folks, I am just here to meet the people I enjoy in horror movies and getting to talk and share a nice chat on my blog. I don't want any trouble and I do not appreciate this person for spreading false allegations against me. I have done nothing to this person and wish her the best in her endeavors. I hold no malice towards her and wish only that she gets the help she needs in resolving her own issues and leaving me alone. It has come to my knowledge this woman has warned people in the past about me and may be continuing to do so and I am available to anyone who has questions. Again, I am here to have fun and not start drama as I like to keep my page "Drama Free." It is my desire to keep it fun and entertaining and not bogged down and depressing. I think it is sad that this person has stooped to for the sake of building herself up while tearing me and others down, but that is her hang-up not mine." So if anyone has any concerns- remember who I AM- NOT what anyone with a grudge and issues says I am- let my character and YOUR PERSONAL EXPEIERNECE with me be what you base any judgment on and COME TO ME AND ASK ME ABOUT ANYTHING YOU HAVE OR MAY HEAR from this woman.

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