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Cyndi also is in the new hard copy and ebook of Hot and Horrifying : First Ladies of Horror !
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JG - What put you in place to do horror movies? Was there a film in your past that grabbed you that you knew that you wanted to act and horror was the path?

CC- Well to be honest, when I was a kid my dad was the person who got me in to the horror scene. He was the one who tried to get me to not be afraid of horror films and would always let me know that it’s make believe and to not be afraid. There wasn’t any particular film that really did it for me. I just really loved watching them and when I got into the acting bizz, I knew that’s what I really wanted to be a part of. It’s so much fun and exciting to get to be in horror films.

JG - What is your favorite horror movie (old and or new)?

CC- I would have to say my favorite is “The Exorcist”. That is such an awesome film and of course now it’s a classic.

JG- If you were asked to be in a remake of a classic horror- one that would be respectful to the original, the type that would make fans happy and feel good about the film, what movie would you like to do?

CC- You know that is hard to say. There are so many great classic horror films. I’ve only seen one so far that I thought they did a really good job of re-making and that was “I Spit On Your Grave”. They kept that one pretty much to the same story as the original one. As for myself I guess I would have to say Phantasm. That film was the coolest ever when it came out and there really hasn’t been another film like it. Plus it has a great story to it and I think if it was re-made like the original just in modern times, I think it could be pulled off.

JG- If you had the opportunity to pick a cast and director to star in a movie with, who would they be?
CC - Oh that’s easy... Michelle Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino

JG- What kind of film would you love to do, not horror in any way shape or form and why?

CC - Action/Thriller....I haven’t been in a film like this yet and I would so love to have an opportunity at this type of film. Would be great to show the tough girl side of me in a film. Plus there is always a fight scene and shoot outs going on in these types of films. I love a good action packed thriller.

JG - What would you love to do if film was no longer an option, something else in the film industry or maybe a whole different career all together?

CC - I love being in front of the camera so I would have to say host my own TV show or web show. The other thing I would enjoy would be pinup modeling. Both of these would be favorites of mine to do if being in films was no longer an option.

JG- Sociologically, where do feel horror fits in?? The impact on society and perhaps the way we view life
and approach everyday life?

CC- I feel horror films have a impact on society in lots of ways. People that do watch them seem to have a connection to some of them while others use it as a tool and learning experience. If this did happen what would you do or maybe how would you try to get away. Others use it as a tool to start a fad then you have the wrong people that watch these types of films and it gives them a way to actually do the things they saw in a film. No one really knows why horror films trigger good and bad traits, it just does. Those that do not watch horror films at all, I feel are more afraid than most people and are the ones that tend to be too protective and those are the ones that end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As for me, I’ve always enjoyed horror films and once I got to be in them, it was even more fun. Yes I do tend to wonder if someone who is watching horror films is out there trying to figure out a way to come up with new ways to do things. You always have to be on the lookout and always pay attention to people as a whole. I use common sense and don’t try to put myself in harm’s way if I can help it. Watching horror films do tend to keep you on your toes and makes you pay more attention to things. They area a great way to scare people and to keep them afraid and to always keep the audience wanting more.

JG - On the question of “does life imitate art or does art imitate life” – how do you feel horror fits here? I ask this because of the status I read on Facebook last week said “we in horror industry, do not create killers and freaks, we just make them more creative”- I thought that was thought provoking!

CC- I think it takes a little of both to make great things happen. Without art we can’t create and without creation would can’t have art. I feel horror fits in by making up a new world for us giving us new characters and new ways that things could happen. Creating a new villain coming up with new ways to make it more appealing and inviting to the audience hoping to grab their attention of wanting more. New creations of horror is what people thrive on. If you find a way to scare them, they will watch just to see what could have happened or to help them avoid things in life that might cause that horrifying event to happen. People love to get the sh*t scared out of them because we are all curious to see what they will do next and that’s what makes a great horror film.

JG- Are you a reader and if so, what is your favorite book and author?

CC- No I have to say I’m not a book worm so to speak. I do read books every now and then but only when I need them for research.

JG - Now, fun stuff, if I were to snag your IPOD - what music would be on it right now???

CC - I have such a wide range of music that I listen to and my IPOD and it’s slammed with music for Here’s the type of music I listen to, Alternative, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, New Wave, Jazz, Dance, Pop/Punk, Electronica, Metal, Pop, Blues. I’m a Lady Gaga fan and I also enjoy Joss Stone, Duffy, Rob Zombie, Madonna, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Eurythmics, & Enigma just to name a few.

JG - Now- guiltless self-promotion, spill it all- new projects- conventions, websites? Anything- anything at all!

CC-Well 2012 has just gotten started and so far it’s still early for me. As of right now I do have my blog site called CYNDILAND. Basically as I tell everyone it’s a blog that I started to let people know more about me and the projects I’m in. Then I decided to involve indie projects on my page from other people. I know there are a lot of sites out there that talk about films and things but my site only caters to just the independent industry of the entertainment world. Anything from magazine sites, actors/actress’s, producers, directors, artist, web shows/series, bands and singers, films, novelist, I take them all. I figure it’s a great way to help others and to help spread the word for them. Plus we all get exposure so everyone wins. I am also in the process of getting started on shooting my first feature film. I wrote it last year and I am working to get it filmed this year. The name of my film is called “Hells Little Angels”; it’s a grindhouse style horror film with blood, humor and fun all rolled up in one. I’m very excited and can’t wait to start on this project but, that’s all I can tell you about it for now. You’ll just have to stay tuned an wait like everyone else to see what happens next. I am also working on getting my own web show going as well, which will be considered a travel show. I plan to go to places that people tend to forget about or don’t really pay attention to, like the mom and pop places so to speak. Since a lot of places out there tend to get taken over by the big guys, these other little places fall off the map. So I want to bring them back out to the people’s eyes again. It’s still very brand new and I’m working to get some more shows up and ready for this year.

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