Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Julie Anne Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2012

Julie Anne
Credits-Slices , 2:22 , As Night Falls , All Worked Up (TV Series) , Parasitic , No Strings Attached 2 ,Rock of Ages (uncredited ) ,the Hospital and tons other wonderful goodies!!
Julie--- my dear friend- THANK YOU for this interview- it was so busy at Days and for you take a little time away from that crazy table of yours- for little ole me was awesome! Your always so kind- and fun- and I appreciate it more then you can know!
I also want to thank Tamara Rose for her wonderful way of handling of the camera- she caught this awesome shot of Julie Anne and I- TY for being my photographer here!!


  1. How awesome! Maybe I can go with you sometime or the next time!!

    1. I would so love that cousin- some wild folks, some wierd folks, some crazy folks, but every one I met- really nice- and awesome- and I wouldnt trade it for the world!