Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am so luck to know these gals - to be able to call them sisters- I know I always gloat on them- and I never can find anything bad to say about them- but the truth be told- I first met them a long time ago- before I even knew who the heck they were- all I knew was that they seemed like really cool fangirls of horror and the friendship started- then I discovered that they had been working on a film (Dead Hooker)- I would still feel the same about them if they worked at Slushyshack and wore burlap and sandles everywhere and had no hair- they are genuinely good folks- sincere- and like family to me!! Go check their blog out- check out Dead Hooker in a Trunk , and soon the Cannes Film fest fabulous film American Mary- and you my friends, will see why I am HONORED!!

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