Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Luka Magnotta and real horror

There is no way to candy coat this evil crap- I saw a video of him, he was freaking weird- and I dont mean as in just simple unusual- but I mean the weird as in evil . There was another video of him I saw part of also- and I can tell you now- bring on the goriest shit on video- as in horror shorts or films, bring on the gore- but this video- this was REAL- this was wrong -this was evil- this was inhumane to the fullest extent- it looked like the start of some strange sex game then he killed the dude and dismembered him and was eating him on video- he filmed himself doing this.
NO- I will not provide a link- google it if you really want to see it- but I can tell you now- it is repulsive- it is- evil at work- it is a monster preying on another person- this is REAL HORROR- and this is different from movies (no matter how graphic)- this is REAL- and its sad- it hurts-it pains my heart- it disgusts me- it shows why some folks need to just be put down, there is no hope for the boastful monster. Thank god he was captured in Germany- and he will be extradited to Canada - and hopefully they will do right and just put this monster down.
There is a difference between film that is fiction and real looking , compared to this type of atrocity -

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