Friday, June 1, 2012


Folks- there is something that kinda buggered me about the past recent events-the whole Miami Cannibal thingy and the couple other stories of folks doing crazy stuff like that . The dude who was cornered by police and he stabbed himself and pulled out and threw his intestines at the cops- geeez . What is this world coming to ? Yes, its fun to think about a cannibal holocaust or a zombie apocalypse - but it is only fun or funny for a SHORT time- then it must stop .This is reality we are dealing with , TRUE events of tragedies - let it be from drugs , mental illness, or just being evil people.

We must remember- we are all still people who have feelings , and we all in the genre have the same common bond of the love of horror - fictional horror! These stories ,they are things we need to feel repulsed by, upset by, that things like this happen. My challenge is this-find in yourself why , if your (generally speaking) are not phased by these tragedies , what happened inside to make real things , real horror a joke , something to have fun with ? These things happened to peoples children , a husband, a wife, a daughter, a son- a person that someone loved- by a person that for whatever reason went nuts-we need to FEEL for these folks who lost someone- I hope you (generally speaking) have not become so callous , hardened and apathetic to feel sadness at real tragedy- real horror . Our horror "stars"- Jason , Freddy , Michael , Chromeskull , Orphan Killer, and others- they are fictional- they are for sheer amusement even in a macabre way- they are just something fun we have to watch- and to have favorites of- but REAL HORROR- like these attacks.

I for one- I love my horror- my gore- my slasher films- my offensive horror imagery- but I know- it is not real- and it sickens me and hurts me to see things happen to real people like this- and I hope you all , my friends, my fellow genre fans, I hope you all feel sickened by this type of tragedy also- and I hope your bothered inside by the way things have been in last few weeks- mass shootings, cannibal attacks , -I hope your heart still has ability to cry and feel sadness for the families if these victims !

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