Thursday, May 10, 2012


. How did you develop this love for the acting ? Was there a film in your past that grabbed you? What made it so impactful for you??

The Labyrinth was the first movie I ever saw in the cinema and to this day it remains my favorite. I’m a sucker for anything magical. It drew me into a world of  fantasy creatures, where I’ve preferred to live ever since!

2. What is your favorite horror movie  (old and or new) ? Heck- any other film you love that inspires you  to keep acting ?

I love Pan’s Labyrinth, and recently did a personal appearance with Doug Jones who is now one of my favorite people on this earth. A wonderful actor and lovely person.

3. If  you were asked to be in a remake of a classic horror or any movie - - one that would be respectful to the original , the type that would make fans happy and feel good about the film, what movie would you like to do?

I’m not a fan of re-makes I have to say… Any movie I loved I want to preserve it as is! One of my favorite old vampire movies would have to be From Dusk till Dawn. I love Tarentino and Rodriuez - and Juliette Lewis!

4 . You had the chance to be in a childhood favorite of mine- Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion ,The Witch and the Wardrobe ! Were you a Narnia fan before ? I read all the books as a kid- and have them all now!

Oh yes I’ve always loved the books! It was a great honor to be part of that film.

5. What would be your dream role??

Any kind of fantasy creature role in a film of Tim Burtons.

6. Your career in entertainment came very early on- playing guitar- why the guitar ? Did you try other instruments as well ? Do you currently still play guitar ? ( “My Girl” – a wonderful song BTW)

I first started learning the piano, but found that a guitar was easier to transport! I do still play and I think I will until my hands stop working. Actually “My Girl” isn’t a song I play. Someone put that on my IMDb page I know, (wrong but I have no idea how to change it…) - the first song I learned to play was actually “My Ghost” by Kristin Hersh.

7. Are you a reader and if so , what is your favorite book and author?

Yes, an avid reader and have been my whole life. I also love graphic novels and The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman is a big part of my heart. One of my favorite authors is Haruki Murakami – Kafka on the Shore especially.

8. Now ,fun stuff, if I were to snag your IPOD - what music would be on it right now ???

Ha ha, right now I’m listening to Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel. I’m still in love with Giardini Di Miro and most Italian post rock.

9. Any guilty pleasures? Music  (secret Loverboy fan) , Movie ( love Somewhere in Time perhaps?),  maybe a Harlequin Romance (you know, the kind with Fabio on the cover ? Hehehe)

Um, any kind of chocolate! I LOVE rain. I like black animals, cats, crows… Graphic novels, tea. I love anyone who will play guitar and sing to me. I could listen to songwriters all night, preferably in my living room with wine and candles.

10. If there was one thing that you could say challenged you in respect to your life being changed or challenged by your music, or acting, what would it be ? ( if you care to share!)

I think it was hard growing up in such a tiny town to come to the realization that having a creative career was actually an option. I was encouraged to develop my typing skills and phone voice… Trusting that a creative career will support you is a huge leap of faith.

11. You have been in a  major favorite of horror / vampire fans alike- 30 Days of Night- how did this opportunity arise for you ? What was it like to be able to play a vampire and to ,unbeknownst then, be in what will go down as a classic ?

I auditioned for the part in NZ through a casting director I had worked with before. Then I did a 2nd audition, and a 3rd, and a 4th! It was an amazing experience to be a part of that film and to work with such amazing people.

12. I read a little about your career- and saw you were an artists also- my impression was as in a “art” artists , I mean as in other then just film and music . What kind of art do you do ? Is there anywhere we can see some of your work?

I’m also a painter – I work with spray paint and oils. I haven’t done as much of this in LA. Back in NZ I had my own art studio which made it a lot easier to paint. I haven’t posted any of my art on facebook, but will do so now! Thanks for prompting me!

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