Tuesday, May 8, 2012


JG - What put you in place to do movies? Was there a film in your past that grabbed you that you knew that you wanted to act after viewing it??
LO - I have always been the type of person who becomes inspired by the little things around me. A beautiful day, a gorgeous sunset, a dramatic film that can take me to a place where I may place myself in a character's situation and become inspired by their story. I enjoy expression of self through art. I believe art to convey emotion that mere words sometimes cannot express. I found this in film and the art of acting. I think the real taste for acting came from my high school theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, where I played the Elvis impersonating Pharaoh. This was terrific, wild, energetic, and made me realize the fun I can have when acting and taking on specific roles. I think it was this experience that really drove me to become an actress.

JG -What is your favorite horror movie  (old and or new) ? 
LO - Horror movie...hmmm....I would say the first one that pops to mind is Tales from the Krypt..Demon Night
JG -Youve done some awesome films and shorts , but has there been a particular film that you just simply enjoyed more then the others to be apart of ( of course without discounting any other project) ?
LO - I think it will have to be Amy's in the Attic'. I strongly enjoy each and every film/production I work on, however, this film actually did put me to the test and challenge me in ways that I could not even imagine. It is very challenging to play a character so different from who I am. This is what I love about being an's the ability to "become" your character and the opportunity to explore your own creativity. I would have loved to be part of 300 (with Gerard Butler) whereby the tiny role I was offer...I turned down....yikes!!!
JG - I know  that film is really for entertainment- but every once in a while a film comes out that teaches us all something ! I have even heard that a pure entertainment film  has left its mark on the actors by simply doing it ! Have you ever had that experience that something hit you so hard in your role that you cant shake it and it has changed your life some how? 
LO -I have done films that have left an impact whereby the message is quite profound and makes me think about consequences if I would have done something...let's say... to someone I love or know. I think Amy's once again takes the prize! I experienced a situation that made me face a dark side of how cruel and hurtful a person who feels no remorse can actually be. It was an interesting role that I had the privilege to play. I enjoyed the challenge, but I was impacted during specific scenes that really made me question morality. Made me try to understand the root as to why people would hurt one another for mere enjoyment. I found the more I tried to understand it...the more the answer actually scared me. 

JG -What would you love to do if film was no longer an option, something else in the film industry or maybe a whole different career all together?
LO - Wow...I love being around great people and doing what I enjoy, which is acting. I love being on a set and telling a story that a greatly gifted writer has written. I love to be a part of someone's fantastic vision. I could not imagine not being a part of this wonderful industry of film. I suppose I would pursue theater or even take up some other form of self-expression such as painting or music.
JG - Are you a reader and if so , what is your favorite book and author?
 LO -1984 by George Orwell
JG - Now I know your love for all kinds of good ole rock and roll- Journey , Bryan Adams , and yes even Nickleback- what other music do you like ??
LO -LOL! I'm quite the rocker! Bon Jovi,Red Hot Chili Peppers...Gotye oh..I do listen to Pit Bull from time to time :)
JG - Any guilty pleasures? Music, movies ???  
LO -Many pleasures...none that make me feel guilty ;) hehe...
JG - What have you found to be the most challenging aspects of being an actress ??  Which do you feel is the most taxing part of doing a film?  
LO- Early am! Actually the most challenging is when I "become" my character. I enjoy encompassing my role...which requires much attention and focus. This is both hard work yet a great test of creativity and originality.
JG -Now- guiltless self promotion ,spill it all- new projects- conventions ,  websites ? Anything- anything at all! Just tell anything- something youd like to share that I haven’t asked  ! Promote anything your doing!! Any conventions your will be attending !
 LO -Mulla Xul, a recent film I completed will be shown at Vitesse-Lumière festival at Québec. This film actually won at festivals also thus far, which is quite exciting. I have a film project that I am in current discussion with, however this is something I am unable to discuss at the current time...sorry :) I recently finished filming the end of April also...more info to come where you can see that!

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