Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well folks- let me introduce my friend- Helena- she is a music extraordinaire ,and a movie fan! So- I asked her to do my #2 On the Street interview about horror! This gal- if you have music questions - ask this wonderful gal! So here it goes---

JG- What do you like about the horror movies today ?

HG-I suppose given the digital photography and special effects, its a lot less cheesey than the older films.

JG- What is your favorite horror movie? Old and / or new?

HG-Hmm...good question.I must admit, the 1st Exorcist will still freak me out until this day.

JG- Do you like this trend of remakes? Has there been one that you’ve really thought is good?

HG-I despise the trend of remakes, to me, the rule of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' should apply.They take away the wonder of what could have been by overkill.I can't think of any that I found pleasing.Let alone scary.

JG- Do you ever go to any horror conventions? If so- what do you like about them? Dislike about them?

HG-I've never been to them, nor do I foresee going to one in the future.

JG- What is your opinion about the place of horror movies in society? Is there a place- a place where it means something to culture and society ? Or is it simply a genre that exists only for our dark dreams of killers and creature and has no redeeming value ? (loaded big questions- just run with it lol)

HG -Hmmm, I think horror movies can play on society's everyday fears, and also serve as a complete distraction to the robotic,repetitive routine of daily life.I think they are brilliant, because it plays on phobias, some of it irrational or minimal, probably making us question how we feel towards certain objects or scaring us into believing the irrational can happen.Truthfully, such films as Saw and The Hills Have Eyes, in my opinion, have a lot of truth to them.Which makes it a lot scarier knowing this horror story can become our actual reality.As opposed to a zombie attack or an attack of killer tomatoes!

JG- If you could request one horror film to get remade- respectfully to the original, what would you like to see??

HG-This is a tough question, given I hate remakes, but on this on, allbeit I loved the original, I'd say The Shining.Or Dawn Of the Dead.Zombie flicks can probably be remade so long as they respect the awful storyline!!

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