Friday, February 17, 2012


The Ritual 2009 and Post Mortem 2010

Director- Anthony Spadaccini

Review of Headcase -

***spoiler alert ***

Starring : Paul McCloskey , Barbara Lessin ,Brinke Stevens , Mark Cray , and Erica Soto and any more wonderful folks!

These two films are the followups to Headcase that Anthony directed in 2007. Ritual then followed by Post Mortem . I could go on and on about the intense films that they are as I did with Headcase- but it would all come across as just repeating all I put there. So , I will make this short and sweet!

Ritual takes up after Headcase ended- with Andrea in jail and Wayne on the run. The film follows suite with the whole disturbing audacity that Wayne is so callous and so hardened to anything good in life. He could care less that Andrea is in jail and that she is refusing to cooperate with police , that she refuses to help them find Wayne. Wayne is only concerned with finding a new “helper” his protégé , to help and carry one his work. He finds an “excellent” protégé but other things arise that cause some friction between the two- and this can do nothing but bring on disaster. Brinke is awesome- playing as Waynes mother ,Julie, as she did in Headcase. The whole cast does a remarkable job- and this is an intense follow up- the diving deep into the minds of an evil man- and his drive to find a young person who is disillusioned with the world and life itself- and push him further into a pool of insanity! All from the view of home made movies-

Post Mortem- the third and final part of the Headcase Trilogy , this takes you into the strange surreal world of characters from Ritual –just as disturbing- and from home made movies view- the serial killer in this one “takes in” a young boy who is suicidal and has drug addicted family, and promises to help set the boy free of this life.

I know there is probably a lot more that could be said- but it would all sound like what I previously wrote about the first part, Headcase- just take a gander there- and it may answer some questions here.

Anthony has done a great job of making all 3 parts come alive- he had found a way to not only get into the mind of the killer but also “grabs your hand and brings you into the mind of the killer “. We get a look inside the thoughts and ideas and MO of a killer , the candid thoughts . It is thought provoking in how people can get so enticed with a person who is so cold and calculating and so indifferent about people and has no sanctity of life. The challenge is this, can we change this folks who get sucked into this life, can they change themselves, or is it their fate, is it a ‘chemical imbalance”. The quandary is this- if it is just a genetic disposition, or chemical imbalance, how can we condemn them- it places them into the same situation of someone who is bipolar or schizophrenic, and medicines COULD help MIGHT help. This may also be a life where a person is just doomed from the get go, because of their nature. Challenging thoughts- yet so monstrous. Anthony has really brought these questions, even if indirectly to the viewer.
Kudos to you Anthony- kudos to you and the crew, the actors and everyone involved. It is a triumph of cinema- and I am glad to have been able to view these films!

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